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Top 5 Best Belt Buckles for Men 2017

A belt buckle is an accessory used to fasten the two ends of a belt. A buckle comes attached with a belt, however nowadays it is widely available as a single item in stores like Amazon. In earlier days buckles were made of bronze or silver, but presently it is made out of stainless steel or other materials like hard fiber, etc.

Whatever the built stuff is, these products are meant to provide added protection from any mishap in the middle of the street. A store like Amazon is offering a plethora of designs and various types of belt buckles.

That makes the customers feeling dizzy. Which one is the best for you? Don’t know! So here come the top 5 best belt buckles for men in 2017 reviews to help you in your decision with much-needed information.

Top 5 Best Belt Buckles for Men in 2017 Reviews:

5. Vbiger Men’s Leather – Belt Buckles Of Men

Belt Buckles Of Men

  • Brand: VBIGER

It is an excellent belt buckle that comes with a 35mm long leather belt packed with it. So, when you buy this 4-inch long belt buckle, you will get a whole new belt at very reasonable price.

It comes with sliding feature and thus can sooth with any waist size. The auto lock feature of this buckle doesn’t require any hole in the belt strap and possess good look to the wearer.

4. Golden Long Horn Bull Western Belt Buckle

Belt Buckles Of Men

  • Brand: Ivory Falcon

If you love power and want to showcase that with your every bit of clothing, then this accessory can help you in a great way. This golden horn bull belt buckle portrays power with the long horn bull figure at the center. Measuring only 4 inches in length, this weighs around 4 ounces.

3. Deadpool Belt Buckle, Die Cast Chrome Finish Enamel Fill

Belt Buckles Of Men

  • Brand: SwellCraft

Deadpool! Damn, the name is enough to make a customer crazy. It is one of the most crazed fictional characters ever created.

So, if you are crazy enough and want to showcase that attitude in a subtle way, then it is the best choice in front of you. Measuring only 3 inches in length and weighing around 3.2 ounces this is robust enough to hold the loose end of your belt.

2. Single Prong Square Belt Buckle, Belt Buckles Of Men

Belt Buckles Of Men

  • Brand: beltiscool

This one and a half inch long belt buckle come with the snap-on feature is a much-needed addition in the top 5 best belt buckles of men in 2017 reviews.

It is available in vivid colors like antique silver, antique brass, silver, and gold this belt buckle is always ready to make customers awestruck with their simple yet charming look. It is made out of steel, and the manufacturing company states that it is entirely free from nickel.

1. Captain America Belt Buckle – Belt Buckles Of Men

Belt Buckles Of Men

  • Brand: Ivory Falcon

Captain America is one of the famous fictional characters ever made. He uses to protect the America from any externalities and similarly this belt buckle is meant to provide you same kind of protection all around the day. It is made out of the high-quality stainless steel.

This three by 3-inch glossy buckle is strong enough that can fasten the loose end of your belt quite quickly. Though the place of origination is China, this belt is painted with vivid colors like blue, red and showcases the emblem of Captain America throughout its body.



While buying these belt buckles, you need to follow some recommendation for a good buy. These are mentioned below.

  • Try to buy from an authentic store like Amazon
  • Search variety of belt buckle then decide which one suits your taste and preference and then place your order
  • Go for cash on delivery option rather than paying the price of you belt buckle in advance
  • Check the previous buyers’ comments for selecting your top 5 best belt buckles of men in 2017 reviews
  • If you can keep these recommendations in mind while making your selection, then you can have great deals on the online stores.


Belt buckles are not luxury, but it is an essential item. However, manufacturers have made it in such a way that it serves the purpose bet with some luxury too. So, what are waiting for even after seeing the top 5 best belt buckles of men in 2017 reviews! Go and grab some best deal before the stock clears out and make yourself the limelight of any event.

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