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5Productreviews Internet Marketing Scholarship Program

Internet Marketing Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

Here at 5productsreviews, we have dedicated our time to ensure that we give actual, honest and thoroughly researched Amazon product reviews. In fact, we don’t get information from second-hand sources; we get to the ground and test the products in order to form a personalized opinion about them. We approach all the information gotten from other sources with a pinch of salt and do our best to verify and dig for the facts. In a market full of options, we are committed to ensuring that you only get the picks of the bunch.

Scholarship purpose:

we believe education is the future for every young soul. Education is the key to success, there’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately, some students find themselves between a rock and a hard place where their love for education is thwarted by the skyrocketing schooling expenses. If you’re one of those students whose shining star is almost getting shuttered by the lack of funds to further your education, we have come to your rescue. We are awarding $1000 to one lucky student who proves to have outstanding writing skills.

The applicants will be required to choose any of the following topics:

  1. How to be successful in life.
  2. What you think about the position of young people in national leadership.
  3. How to become a successful entrepreneur.
  4. Do you think gender equality will ever be achieved?

Eligible participants will be required to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Be a student.
  2. Have excellent writing skills.
  3. Write at least 600-word essay from the topics given above. (PDF, DOC) to 5productreview@gmail.com
  4. Submit the article before the deadline.

Scholarship dates:

Please note that we scholarship will be open from today all through to the end of November 2017. Any application from the deadline onwards will be deemed null and avoid and won’t be considered. If you have cutting-edge writing skills, take up the challenge! You never know what the future holds for you!

AWARD: $1000



DEADLINE: 30th November 2017

Scholarship announcement:

The applicant who out-muscles the rest with their excellent writing skills will be announced on 30th November 2017. And yes, they will also receive the full scholarship amount of $1000 (One Thousand US Dollars).

More information: http://5productreviews.com/scholarship/
Mail contact: 5productreview@gmail.com

See you there!

5productreviews Scholarship Program is kindly to give Scholarship Program whom best writer continue to college and short courses.

Who Winner is: Name? Deadline 30th November 2017

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