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5 Best in Ceiling Speakers in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the Top 5 Best in ceiling speakers in 2017 Reviews, I stumbled upon a plethora of products. I must admit that most in-ceiling speakers have impressive features.

However, in a market full of options, getting the best product is not a piece of cake. However, after a thorough screening, I prepared this list of the best 5 products in the market. Of course, all the products had a satisfactory performance and excellent features.

Top 5 Best In-Ceiling Speakers in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

 5. Pyle, PDIC60T In-Wall / In-Ceiling speaker

in-ceiling speakers

  • Brand: Pyle

With two-way stereo sound speakers, you will love Pyle in-ceiling speaker. Its dual 6.5’’ speakers boasting an 8 Ohm impedance makes it one of a kind in-ceiling speaker. With its 1’’ high-temperature unique voice coil coupled with an excellent flush mount, you can never be wrong about this in-ceiling speaker.

It boasts a 70V transformer and a tapping 8Ohms which makes it such a great product. Its directable 1’’ titanium dome tweeter coupled with a 250W peak power ensure that you not only get quality but also get a clear sound. Its convenient dimensions add onto its awe features making it a superb in-ceiling speaker.

4. Yamaha, NS-IW280CWH 6.5″ 3-Way In-Ceiling Speakers

in-ceiling speakers

  • Brand: Yamaha

Yamaha is a name we have known for a long time. Known to produce high-quality musical and electronic instruments and appliances, you can never be wrong about their in-ceiling speaker. Coming with 6.5-inch mica woofers, the sound quality is unparalleled.

Its � �’ dome tweeter coming with a SoundMax technology gives awesome results. If you are looking for a quality in-ceiling speaker, this is one of the products you need Tom give a try. Its 100W maximum input ensures that you get the best results while its swivel tweeter allows wide and convenient dispersion.

3. Acoustic Audio by GoldwoodAcoustic Audio R191 In Ceiling

in-ceiling speakers

  • Brand: Acoustic Audio by Goldwood

Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this is one of the best in-ceiling speakers in the market. Sound quality is a thumbs-up, durability is unmatched, and its tweeter offers one of the best performance in the market. If customer feedback and rating is anything to go, then there is no doubt that it’s an awesome product.

In fact, it’s one of the highest rated products in amazon.com. If you are looking for a reliable in ceiling speaker, you can always give it a shot confidently. It offers a smooth, soft and comforting sound with awesome bass and superb balance. It also boasts an amazing size which makes it quite convenient.

2. Micca, M-8C 8 Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers

in-ceiling speakers

  • Brand: Micca

Micca carries the day thanks to its brilliant features. It’s a 2-way In-ceiling speaker which comes with a high excursion 8’’ woofer coupled with a 1 –inch soft dome tweeter. The perfect and unique integration of its superb tweeter and an elegant woofer which is achieved through a powerful 6B crossover network ensures that you have what you always love; quality music. It gives you an opportunity to have a breathtaking experience thanks to its smooth natural and smooth signature sound coupled up with a robust bass output.

You will have an impactful listening experience with Mica in-ceiling speaker. Specially designed for optimum performance, it’s ideal for a wide range of home entertainment as well. And yes, it’s a plug and Specially designed for optimum performance, it’s ideal for a wide range of home entertainment as well. And yes, it’s a plug and play in-ceiling speaker which can be painted to augur with your ceiling details in order to have a decorative aspect.

1. Polk Audio, RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker

in-ceiling speakers

  • Brand: Polk Audio

Polk Audio is a seamless in-ceiling speaker whose dynamic balance leaves you humming the moment you start it off. It comes with 2-way speaker timbre which is matched up with Polk Audio RTI series to give an outstanding and out-of-this-world experience. Fully equipped with an 8’’ dynamic balance, its mineral-filled polymer cone will baffle you.

And yes, with a frequency of 35Hz to 20 kHz, you can never be wrong about this in-ceiling speaker. It’s equipped with an extra 1’’ dynamic balance coupled up with a metallic soft dome tweeter and 15-degree swivel mount; you will love this in-ceiling speaker. Of course, you never have to question its durability. It moisture resistance makes it comfortable for use in the bathroom.


In case you are looking for an awesome in-ceiling speaker, you don’t have to kiss numerous frogs before landing to the prince. With this information at your fingertips, getting the best in-ceiling speaker is just falling off a log. And yes, with their excellent features, you can never go wrong. Try them today and you will definitely love the experience.

Buyer’s Guide:

I recommend #1Polk Audio 

  • Special Shipping Information: This item cannot be returned and has additional shipping restrictions
  • Pair of 2-way in-ceiling speakers timbre-matched to the Polk Audio RTi Series for seamless imaging
  • Equipped with one 8-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone. Frequency response: 35Hz – 20kHz

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