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10 Best Beach Carts in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

As a safety precaution, all the visitors are supposed to leave their cars at the entry point when going to the beach. That’s why you need a beach cart. Of Course, they will be acceptable on the beach. Folded chairs and an umbrella can be items you should not dare leave behind. However, before buying your desired beach cart, there are several factors about the cart you should consider before buying it. Here is a guide to the buyer on what to look for before buying one.

Key Features:

Key Features:
Here are the top 10 best beach carts you can look out for.

Top 10 Best Beach Carts in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. Copa, Beach Cart Ultra-Wheels and Mesh Storage

Copa, Beach Cart Ultra-Wheels and Mesh Storage

  • By: copa

At number ten, is a cart that designers considered different types of beach and the amount of space for storage. Wider rear wheels make it suitable for any type of beach that allows it to roll easily as compared to those with narrow wheels. The wider rear wheels also reduce the amount of effort applied to move the cart around the beach. The nylon-meshed storage space ensures all your essentials are well held and it is sturdy enough to carry even a folded chair.

  • Adaptable to different types of beach
  • Easy to move around with
  • Spacious storage


  • Front wheels break easily
  • Lack the back axle

9. BeachMall, Beach Cart with Folding Table / Drink Holders

Beach Cart with Folding Table / Drink Holders

  • By: BeachMall

The number ten nine in our list has special features on its own. The cart can be used to carry around your beach items and at the same time, in can be used as a beach table. It is easily converted from one form to another by just folding or unfolding. Wheels are removable too to remain flat when folded for storage. The cart accommodates quite a good number of items and with it two wide wheels it easily moves around the sand.


  • Lightweight and durable. Made of aluminum
  • Multipurpose
  • Meshed nylon bag to carry around essentials


  • Can’t stand on its own; Lacks front wheels

8. The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart by JGR Copa

The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart by JGR Copa

  • By: Copa

If you move to the beach with a lot of items and you will need to carry them around, this is the best cart for you. As its name is stated, it was designed with an ample space to carry huge luggage. It has wide removable wheels for all types of beach and folds flat for easy storage. It is easy to assemble for the first use. Although not meshed around the storage space, it is sturdy enough. This helps in holding your items strong enough.


  •  Accommodate a large number of items
  • Prevail in different types of beach


  • Loose crutches
  • Front wheels doesn’t turn easily

7. Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart

Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart

  • By: Wheeleez

Next up is the chart with improved wide wheels to handle more load capacity. Also easily folds to fit in a small place. The wider wheels prevent it from sinking in sand or any softer surface. This also necessitates easy rolling on sand. The tubular steel frame is strong enough to enable the cart to withstand heavy load. A mesh bag is also included in the packaging which can be attached when the need arises. In its packaging, there are two folding chairs which can be used anywhere on the beach for your relaxation.


  • Can carry huge luggage at a time
  • Simple to assemble
  • Suitable in dunes


  • Some parts bend past designed position.

6. Ollieroo Outdoor Utility Wagon Folding Collapsible Garden Beach Shopping Cart

Ollieroo Outdoor Utility Wagon Folding Collapsible Garden Beach Shopping Cart

  • By: Ollieroo

This cart from the Ollieroo Company is made with unique wheels. All the four wheels are wide and easily rotate to any direction. This makes it easy to move on any type of sand. Folds and opens with ease in all it collapsible design and has removable wheels to occupy a lesser space during storage. The storage bag is made of iron making it easy to clean with just water and soap. The long handle makes easy to pull the cart around on the beach. The bigger storage space is fitted plenty of items.


  • Durable
  • Holds heavy stuff


  • The supportive frame is a bit weak

5. BeachMall, Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

  • By: BeachMall

The next beach cart has a unique design to tackle different sand terrains. Besides that, the rear wheels are adaptable on any type of sand and make it easy to pull the cart around. Easily accommodates heavy loads with the help of its strong pivotal frame. It serves as a handle and at the same time as a pivot to the cart when not pulled. The cart is small in size but it is very powerful. The storage straps are stretchable to create an extra storage space. This is one of the must-have beach carts for its simplicity. It’s easily folded flat for easy storage.


  • Extra space when needed. Stretchable straps
  • Easy to pull around
  • Durable and sturdy storage bag


  • Front wheels sink in the sand when left to stand

4. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

  • By: Rio Beach

Third in our list is the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart which usually fits people who like going to the beach with a lot of stuff. Its large storage capacity carries a lot of items with ease. The sturdiness of the storage bag holds your items safe and won’t embarrass you with breakages. There are several compartments inside the storage area to make it easy for you to locate a specific item. This cart is worth your bucks.


  • Durable
  • Large storage space
  • Rolls easily on soft sand


  • Its wheels sometimes wreck from their position.

3. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

  • By: Rio Beach

Second in the tire is a chart that withstands any kind of terrains, and also offer a sturdy meshed nylon storage bag for all your items for the beach tour. If you wouldn’t love to make trips to and fro your car into the beach carrying your items, Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach is a cart to have. Carries all your items together in one trip and leaves a space for any other miscellaneous. People at the beach will be left to have it too. It’s easy to pull around on the beach with great comfort.


  • Easy first time assembly
  • Reduces taking items to the beach to a one person job
  • Rolls easily on soft sand


  • Front wheels get stuck occasionally on sand
  • Don’t easily rotate to the direction one is moving

2. JGRC Beach Table Cart by JGRC

JGRC Beach Table Cart

  • By: JGRC

Next up on the list is JGRC Beach Table Cart. It has extra wide wheels for all types of beach. The cart has fabric that is easily cleanable since it is likely to get dirt and dirty water on the beach. The cart can be folded flat for easier storage. Has durable frames and it is generally lightweight. The cart boasts its spacious storage to store all beach necessities.


  • Hold a lot of items all together
  • Moves easily on sand
  • Easy to fold


  • Front wheels don’t turn
  • Mesh storage appear weak

1. Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

  • By: Mac Sports

The Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon tops the list as the best beach cart in the market today. The packaging is unique as it is just folded flat such the no assembly needed for the first use. This also states the ease of storage. The cart is made of heavy-duty fabric for durability. This saves you considerable bucks for buying another one if taken good care of. It holds a lot of items on the sturdy spacious carrier bag. The handle is adjustable in terms of its height and inclination. That makes it suitable for anyone to use it. The four equal wheels play a key role in swift movement on any kind of sand.


  • Sturdy bottom to hold sustain heavy stuff
  • More than enough space
  • Huge wheels which support easy roll


  • The slim wheels sometimes sink in sand

Buyer’s guide:

When you’re out there looking for the best beach cart, be sure to pick the Mac sports collapsible beach wagon cart. This is the best beach cart on the market thanks to its unique design, excellent size and top tier quality. And yes, given its unique design and impressive appearance, you can never go wrong with it.

Don’t game with your cash, simply pick this incredible item and have yourself an excellent time at the beach. What’s more, this beach cart is made using top level material which gives it a cutting edge durability, If you’re looking for a cart which will serve you for decades, then you can trust this item.

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