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Top Five Best Cat Litters 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Cats are one of the best pets you can keep at home. It is important that cat lovers ensure these gorgeous little ones are safe by allowing them to take care of their business comfortably. There are many cat litters available in the market nowadays.

An efficient one ensures that you do not have to struggle with factors such as dust, smell that emanates from the fecal matter and urine and can easily clump with the fecal matter making scooping easier and fast. Therefore, let us have a look at the top 5 best cat litters in 2017 with a view to helping you pick a suitable one.

Top 5 Best Cat Litters in 2017 Reviews- Buyer’s Guide:

5. Performance Clumping Cat Litter, Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7

This product can accommodate more than one cat. This is convenient for those who have more cats as it greatly helps save time and money. It significantly saves time cleaning and scooping since you do all the work from one place.

The product has a 24-hour odor control feature which greatly helps maintain crisp air inside your home. This feature ensures that you do not have to worry inviting guests over. Also since it helps get rid of the smell, you no longer need a mask when scooping the cleaning the box.

The vigorous and tight clumps feature ensures easy scooping of the waste. This is because the fecal matter and urine clumps on the corn making it easy to scoop it. Lastly, this litter is lighter compared to other products in the market. This also makes it easier for you when removing the waste and ensures you do it much faster.

  • Can accommodate more than one cat
  • High in odor control
  • Provides easy scooping
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively costly
  • Time-consuming when cleaning the little mess

4. Cat Litters, WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER 391032 Clumping Litter Formula 28-Pound

This product doesn’t have dust at all like some other products in the market. This feature is important since you do not have to worry about your children getting sick or trouble cleaning your home. Additionally, fecal matter all over your furniture will be the least of your concern too.

Its absorbent feature is also essential as it conveniently helps the corn clump with the waste or urine fast reducing any mess being created around your floor. The anti-smell feature is also important as it greatly helps getting rid of the fecal and urine smell. This means you do not have to worry about your home stinking of urine since the odor control feature does the job for you.

The product also has smaller clumps that ensure you do not have to scrap off the bottom making cleaning much faster. This litter is made in the USA, and as such, you can easily contact the company if you require more information about usage.

  • Gets rid of urine smell
  • Traps solids and liquids
  • Lasts long
  • Lighter material
  • Tighter clumps
  • Cleaning little waste spread
  • Priced more than most litters

3. World’s Best Cat Litter, Quick Cat Clumping Formula – Cat Litters

This cat litter is very light. It ensures that you can quickly clean the scoops and replace the box. The light weight also makes it easy for the waste to quickly clump with the litter and doesn’t mess up the box. This is an essential feature that most products in the market don’t have.

Many people have struggled with controlling the smell around the home because of the urine and waste. The anti-smell feature makes it much easier to monitor the smell since it removes it, making it easy to stay in the house. This greatly helps in ensuring that the quality of air is crisp and the house isn’t smelly.

This product is also great because it is dust free and therefore you don’t need to worry about ay dust allergies or infections when you are cleaning. The product also ensures quick clumping which makes it easy for you to scoop the waste.

  • Very light
  • Controls the smells
  • Dust free
  • The product is soft
  • Expensive
  • Little litter around

2. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

This soft feature is necessary because it ensures easy absorption of the urine thus reducing the mess you have to clean when you get back home. The soft feature also works together with the stable and strong clumping feature that ensures that once the cat is done depositing its waste, the waste is dry and the cat doesn’t carry it around under its paws.

The dust free feature also greatly helps in reducing the amount of dust the cat takes under the paws and spreading it on the bed or the furniture. It also saves your time cleaning the house since you don’t have to deal with dust flying sitting on your furniture.

  • Very absorbent
  • Light
  • No dust

Easy cleaning and scooping

  • Little litter around
  • Pricier compared to most litters

1. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Cat Litters

The ability to absorb urine fast and tightly is an essential feature of this product. This ensures that you do not have to worry about the cat messing your carpet since the absorption is fast. The smell regulating feature is great as it makes sure that the atmosphere around your home is comfortable.

This product is also absorbent which makes it easier to deal with fecal waste. It is also lightweight and dust free. The clumping feature ensures easy scooping thus making your work easier and much faster. These features ensure that your cleaning is easier and much comfortable since you do not struggle with the smell of the waste or urine.

  • Easy scooping
  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Easy clumping and absorption
  • Costs more than most litters
  • Cleaning a little mess around


This review is necessary for those who value their time and love a clean and odorless environment. These cat litters are the best in the market for your cat and choosing any of them ensures that you receive the benefits of the advanced features that make your work easier.

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