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Top 5 Best Yoga DVDs In 2017 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Today, so many people are using Yoga as their primary source of body fitness. So many Yoga DVDs are already flocking the market. This has created a situation where buyers get cold feet whenever they are out looking for the best Yoga DVDs.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. In this article, I will attempt to give you an insight on which Yoga DVDs you should go for and those you should avoid like the plague. So, just kick your shoes off, take a cup of coffee and relax because, by the time you are done reading, you will be headed over to the market.

Here is a list of the Top 5 best yoga DVD in 2017 reviews:

5. Jessica Smith – Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDs

  • Brand: In Wellness Systems LLC

This DVD gives you an opportunity to customize and create your own personal practice thus making the entire process self-centered. You get an opportunity to choose between 4-20 minutes flow depending on your level as well as how much you can do at any given time.

After all, we only advance from one level to another when it comes to Yoga. That means that you can simply customize it to suite your level as you slowly advance. You have an option of doing 1, 2 or all the 4 flows thus giving you total control of your yoga session. What’s more, the instructor shows easy and gentle stretches which have more impact on your general body fitness.

Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, a beginner or a professional, you will definitely love this DVD full of all basic exercises. It comes with straightforward instructions with zero chanting. Of course, it shows all modifications including chair modifications aimed at enhancing your Yoga experience.

4. Yoga for Beginners DVD

Yoga DVDs

  • Brand: Yoga For Beginners

This is the perfect tool for you to get introduced to yoga. In fact, it gives you all the information you need to fully harness the benefits of Yoga exercises. It boasts 8 routines which are aimed at helping you build strength, increase your flexibility, improve your vitality and health, and transform your feel and look.

After all, Yoga is all about self-development. It’s led by the renowned Barbara Benagh who professionally and expertly leads you through every session. Filmed in some of the most beautiful scenes, you will definitely find it quite helpful.

It contains key demographics for anyone who wants to understand yoga. Unlike other instructors who twist and concoct terms into some lingo-fueled nonsense which makes little sense to the viewer, this DVD offers straightforward, precise and clear instructions which leave you wanting to do more. It’s filmed at Half-moon, Antigua which adds to the whole tranquility.

3. Namaste, Yoga DVDs

  • Brand: Yoga DVD

Unlike other Yoga videos, Namaste is more than just a video. It will without a question leave you feeling relaxed and contented. It’s aimed at strengthening your body, calming your mind and inspiring your soul.

I mean, these are the major reasons why people use Yoga while they have an option of getting some dumbbells and getting down to serious weight lifting to build their muscles.

Led by master and renowned yoga teacher Kate potter, you will have the best experience once you purchase this DVD. Whether you are an expert of beginner, it’s a handy DVD for anyone.

2. Yoga Boost DVDs

Yoga DVDs


  • Brand: Yoga Boost DVD

With some modifications especially for those who can’t touch their toes, this is yet another awesome yoga DVD available on the market. With an impressive rating on amazon.com, you will find it quite handy. It ensures that you have no painful postures, hymns, gongs or chants which add little value to the entire process.

Ideal for physical fitness, it will help you boost your morning and kick-start the day in a refreshing and strong manner. If you are a yoga enthusiast who hasn’t had the chance to explore your desires, it’s time you awakened the spirits and go yourself this DVD.

1. Jillian Michaels’ yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDs

  • Brand: yoga DVDs

Finally, we have Jillian Michaels yoga DVD which is designed to ensure that you get full benefits of a yoga session. In fact, its word of a kind yoga training DVD with clear and precise instructions aimed at ensuring that you enjoy every moment.

The two complete workouts include warm-up and cool-down which yield impressive results afterward. If you want to achieve total fitness of your body and wellness of your mind, get acquainted with this DVD.


Given yoga’s benefits to overall body health, getting the best DVD is the first step to harnessing its full benefits. Armed with this information, it’s time you headed over to the market.

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