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Best Wireless Security Cameras 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

A sneak peak into the world of wireless security cameras indicates that revolutionary and dramatic changes have been put in place to make them better than ever before. Wireless security cameras are distinct; they vary in their prices, quality, size and performance. This, in most cases, throws buyers into a confused mode rendering them unable to make an informed decision on which security camera to go for.

However, you do not have to be one of these buyers, why? Well, I have done a thorough and extensive research and prepared a list of the Top 5 Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2017 reviews. Armed with this information, getting the best wireless security cameras will be a piece of cake, at least for you.

The Top 5 Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

 5. YI, Home Camera Wireless IP Security

YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security

  • Brand: YI

YI is yet another option with incredible features and an exemplary performance. Its 720p wide lens ensures that you have a glance of whatever is happening in and around your home at a press of a button. An automated white balance ensures that you have a clear image which shows all the basic details thus keeping you at par on matters your security.

Its ability to tilt up to170 degrees ensures that you get an overview of everything that’s happening wherever you have placed it. With an infrared night vision, you will never have to spend sleepless night worrying about your safety. It also gives you an opportunity to watch the safety of your property from any location thanks to its mobile phone app.

Imagine being able to tilt the camera from a touch of your phone’s screen? That’s how wonderful this wireless security camera is. With a micro SD slot, you can easily transfer information and data from this camera.

4. Vimtag P1 – Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

  • Brand: Vimtag

Vimtag takes the 3rd position. It boasts a wide range of uses ranging from security to home monitoring and nanny cam. With a superior technology, it allows you to experience the security of your home from a whole new level.

It comes with a state of the art design and technology, a superb look and an incredible –pan and tilt which ensure that you have the best view of your security details. Its HD video quality ensures that you have clear and precise videos and images.

Of course, it gives you an opportunity to zoom in or out for clarity purposes. If its easy to install nature is anything to go by, you will definitely have fun with this wireless security camera.

3. YI, Dome Camera 1080p HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom – wireless security cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

  • Brand: YI

YI dome wireless security camera isn’t your usual camera, no doubt about that. With 1080p HD lens, you can’t expect anything less of perfect performance. It creates a 360-degree tilting which means that you will have your entire compound monitored and images sent to your phone directly.

This is arguably one of the greatest opportunities you have to increase the safety of your home, office or business. A night vision ensures that your nights are covered.

It allows you to receive timely alerts on your phone thus keeping a close tracking of the entire security situation at your home. With its inexhaustible impressive features, only one word can describe it; incredible!

2. Netgear, Arlo Security System – 2 Wire-Free HD Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

  • Brand: Netgear

Netgear’s Arlo security camera has all the reason to top this list. Of course, to be at the top, it has to have beaten all the other cameras in terms of performance, clarity, features, usability, the level of technology, and ease of setting it up. Let’s see whether that’s the case.

First, its performance is unrivaled; there’s no doubt about that. Second, its clarity, usability, and ease of use are unparalleled, judging from what customers have had to say about it. Third, its level of technology is without a doubt second to none. That said, we come to a conclusion that it rightfully deserves the top position.

1. Zmodo, 720p High Definition, wireless security cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

  • Brand: Zmodo

Zmodo is one of the best wireless cameras on the market. The image quality is unparalleled while its performance is simply on-point. With a 720p HD video, you can trust it to relay clear and precise information on at all times. With night vision ability, your security doesn’t have to be compromised by darkness.

Of course, this is a weatherproof camera whose performance remains top-notch regardless of weather or darkness. Its intelligent recording mode saves space by only recording at a faster rate when motion is detected and at a slow pace when no motion is detected thus saving space on your hard drive.

It’s time you got connected to be able to view any suspicious and unexpected movements through Zmodo’s smartphone application. And yes, it’s a plug-and-play wireless security camera which allows you to set it up without the need for professional assistance. That’s how convenient this camera is.


Finally, whether it’s your home, business or office, a quality wireless security camera can boost your safety. Get one of these quality products and beef up your safety.

Buer’s Guide: 

I recommend you to #1. Zmodo because qaulity and price are affordable:

  • Easy Setup:

Create an account, enter your WiFi password.

  • 720p HD Video:

 Get a sharp and crisp image day or night with the camera’s automatic IR-cut filter. Up to 65ft night vision.

  • Advanced recording features:

Intelligent recording mode can save space on your hard drive, recording at fewer frames per second when no motion is detected and at maximum frames per second during motion.

  • Stay Connected:

 Be notified when there are unexpected movements. Smart notifications will be pushed to your smartphone. Notifications can be scheduled through the app.

  • Weatherproof Cameras:

 Install the cameras outdoors or indoors to keep your home and business safe.

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