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Top 5 Best Winter Gloves In 2017 Reviews

As winter fast approaches, all roads are headed to the nearest stores in search of awesome winter gloves. Of course, the catastrophic repercussions of not having nice winter gloves are scary. Unfortunately, getting the best winter gloves isn’t a piece of cake given their high numbers.

To ensure that you get the best products, I delved into the market and came up with a list of the Top 5 best winter gloves in 2017 reviews. Before we look at them, let’s take a glimpse at some features to consider before choosing any of them.

Factors to consider before choosing winter gloves:

Pr-purchase Consideration

1. The size

The size of any winter glove has to be accurate. You have to ensure that you get winter gloves which perfectly fit into your hands if at all you want to get impressive results. Of course, just like you wouldn’t want to put on a small shoe or sock, for reasons best known to all of us, the size of your winter glove also has to fit correctly.

2. Whether they’re waterproof or not

You also have to establish whether a winter glove is waterproof or not depending on whether you will be using it in a wet environment or not. Some winter gloves are meant for work which means that if your work entails you having to come into contact with water, you have to ensure that the glove is waterproof.

3. Comfort

Comfort is the first priority to every person. Just like a small shoe makes you feel uncomfortable, so does a small winter glove. Ensure that you get a winter glove which allows you to enjoy your time. If a winter glove protects you from cold while at the same time making you feel uncomfortable, then I doubt if you will even want to put it on.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is critical. No one wants to put on winter gloves which cannot let them move their hands. If you have to constantly move your hands around, then you have to get nice winter gloves which are not too heavy to inhibit movement.

5. The expected winter temperatures

Of course, the expected temperatures also dictate the gloves you should go for. If your winter temperatures escalate to extremely low levels, you have to get the thickest gloves. However, if your winter temperatures remain moderate, you don’t have to look for gloves which make you feel extremely warm thus making you uncomfortable.

Top 5 winter gloves:

5. Knolee Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves

  • By: Knolee

Knolee winter gloves are among the best products on the market. If their overwhelmingly positive rating on amazon.com is anything to go by, you will definitely love them. Made from 100% polyester, they are fitted with a plush lining to give excellent heat insulation thus keeping you warm all day long.

What’s more, they come in a practical design which features a soft thick lining for unrivaled comfort. Perfect for numerous activities during winter, you can use them while driving, riding or doing any other outdoor activity. And yes, these gloves come with the newest touch screen coupled with a soft top quality material to keep your fingertips warm.

  • They are made from a top quality material.
  • They can be used when riding or driving.
  • Comes with a plush lining.
  • The touch screen is quite awesome.
  • Features a single size which mighty not fit on those with gigantic hands.

4. Metog Winter gloves

Winter Gloves

  • By: Metog

Made from 95% polar fleece and 5% spandex, this winter glove comes with a conducting material which ensures that you remain warm even under extremely low temperatures. The size is convenient for several palm sizes which makes it quite awesome.

The PU elastic design ensures that you get excellent results under any weather condition. With an awesome touchscreen, it also boasts a slip-proof construction which is aimed at offering uncompromised comfort. Ideal for any outdoor activities, this is a cost-effective winter glove.

  • It’s cost effective.
  • It comes with an effective touchscreen.
  • Its slip-proof construction ensures that you stay warm the whole day.
  • It’s made from top quality fleece and spandex material.
  • The glove isn’t waterproof.

3. Tomily winter gloves

Winter Gloves

  • By: Tomily

Coming with an extra durable fleece construction and lining, this winter glove from tomily is designed to ensure that your hands stay warm the whole day. Of course, the lining ensures that your skin feels comfortably warm while the three buttons decoration makes it quite attractive.

Its elegance derived from the fact that it’s designed to give unrivaled comfort leaves you looking cool. The touchscreen design ensures that you stay warm even in the coldest temperatures while the size makes it quite versatile. Whether you’re driving or riding, you can rely on this winter glove.

  • Its design is quite attractive.
  • It boasts a touchscreen feature.
  • It can be sued even when one is driving or riding.
  • It isn’t the cheapest on the market.

2. Terra Hiker winter gloves

Winter Gloves

  • By: Terra Hiker

Versatile and anti-slip, Terra Hiker winter glove is yet another incredible, waterproof product available on the market. Boasting premium PU leather, it can be used for various activities such as climbing, skiing or just any other outdoor activity.

Of course, its design ensures that you get a premium grip thus beefing up security as you conduct your outdoor activities. What’s more, these gloves are waterproof and dexterous thus ensuring that you get the best results.

Its unique waterproof treatment induces a hydrophobic effect thus keeping your hands warm and dry the entire winter season. With excellent dexterity, this glove offers unrivaled versatility making it ideal for various weather conditions.

  • It features an excellent design.
  • It offers unmatched cold repulsion thus keeping you warm.
  • It’s quite versatile.
  • It induces hydrophobic effect keeping your hands dry.
  • There isn’t small size.

1. The North Face winter Glove

Winter Gloves

  • By: The North Face

Finally, this finally wraps up the list of the top 5 winter gloves. It picks the top position thanks to its amazing construction and warm material. Machine washable, it boasts a touchscreen technology for quick performance.

What’s more, it’s a four-way stretch glove which guarantees maximum palm conductivity. Its 5-dimensional fit gives consistent sizing while the Radiametric articulation keeps your hands in the natural relaxing position.


It ensures that your hands remain in their naturally relaxed state.

  • It offers excellent sizing.
  • It’s a four stretch winter glove.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • Can’t withstand extremely low temperatures


All said and done, when you’re looking for awesome winter gloves, simply grab one of the options listed above.

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