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5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2017 – Buyer ‘s Guide

We all want to have our pools looking amazing and clean. That’s where robotic pool cleaners come in. The problem arises on how to identify the best one in a market full of options.

I set out to unravel the mystery and set the record straight on which robotic pool cleaners are worth the show-off status and which are simply so-so. After a thorough screening,

I came up with this list of the Top 5 best robotic pool cleaners in 2017 reviews:

5. Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Brand: Hayward

Ideal for residential pools measuring 20’ x 40’, Hayward is an impressive robotic pool cleaner whose cleaning ability is top-tier. If you want to have your pool looking attractive to you every time you get in, then you’ve got to give this robotic pool cleaner shot. Integrating the latest patented quick clean technology, it provides quick and effective 90-minute cycle of excellent cleaning. Coming with a 24 V motor, it sufficiently saves on energy which is a good thing given today’s skyrocketing juice charges.

Of course, less energy consumption translates to saving a few bucks which is always an awesome idea. With an on-board pump, it provides superb vacuum power which sucks up any debris or dirt leaving your pool looking more than just clean. And yes, the patented filter cartridge makes the entire cleaning process a snap. In fact, all you are required to do is rinse it with a garden hose.

4. Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Brand: Smartpool

Smartpool is yet another awesome robotic pool cleaner with a revolutionary design and an awesome lightweight making it quite convenient. Specially designed for above-ground pools as well as smaller in-ground pools, you will definitely love it. It’s ideal for pools measuring 14’ x 28x 6’ which is quick convenient. With this robotic pool cleaner, you don’t even require walls in order for it to change directions thanks to its intelligent navigation system. The direction-drive motor gives it a stellar performance and adds to its tranquility.

The quick-drain system allows for effective and quick and lightweight removal from the pool while its versatile nature allows it to clean all surfaces from Vinyl liners, fiberglass, and concrete pools. Its 40’’ power cord adds to its excellent features making it quite reliable and convenient for any pool owner. What’s more, its large filter bag capacity allows for fast and effective cleaning. ETL, CE, and CSA approved, you will find its 2-hour automatic shut off even more appealing.

3. Pentair 360031 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Brand: Pentair

Introducing a stellar combination of superior power and revolutionary performance, this newly redesigned robotic pool cleaner gives you an opportunity to have the entire cleaning of your pool at your fingertips. Its advanced and high-performance design scrubs, filters and vacuum clean every corner of your pool leaving it sparkling clean.

Its amazing cleaning ability lets you clean your pool in less than 2 hours which is pretty incredible. What’s more, it comes with an auto-reverse feature which ensures that hang-ups are completely prevented thus providing an acestar performance. Its incredible 45-pounds weight makes it quite portable and convenient for pool cleaning. With awesome dimensions of 19’’ x19’’x 231/2, you will find it quite handy.

2. Polaris F9450 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Brand: Polaris

On the second position, we have Polaris robotic pool cleaner which is yet another top-level option on the market. If its superb rating on amazon.com is anything to go by, you will definitely find it amazing. Brand new and advanced, it boasts the latest features including a remote control. Its vortex vacuum technology takes debris up to four times than the normal robotic pool cleaners.

Coming with a large filter canister whose capacity id four times larger than its competitors, this is a must-have product for any pool owner. What’s more, it comes with a 4WD technology which conveniently and effectively cleans the pool floor and wall as well as scrubbing the line with its well-designed scrubbing brush. Given its 7 day programmability, you will love it!


1. Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Brand: Dolphin

Finally, the first position does to Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. It completely cleans the walls, coves and the floor giving brilliantly clean results. Ideal for in-ground residential pools with up to 50ft in length, it’s really really incredible.

Its lightweight and easy to use nature add to its excellent design making it a must-have pool cleaner.


All said and done, the next time you are looking for the best robotic cleaner for your pool, try one of the products listed above. With their stellar performance, you won’t be disappointed.


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