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15 Best Hair Dryers in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Hair dryers are small yet very essential equipment in our daily programs. Sacrificing your finances to invest in a quality dryer will not only enable you to get the best but also improve the condition of your hair. Hair dryers, just like any other machines, are many in the market giving you a wider base to choose from.

As we all know, it is always difficult to choose one specific item from a group of many items that almost have the same features and designs. But to help you out, the following guide will be of importance to you if you want to make a purchase of a hair dryer.

Given their high numbers in the market, getting the best hair dryer is not an easy task these days. In fact, manufacturers seem unwilling to rest on their laurels when it comes to introducing new designs into the market each and every day. This situation plunges to limbo most prospective buyers in their quest to get the best products. I decided to delve into the market in an attempt to unravel the best hair dryers.

Key Features:

Key Features:

Top 15 Best Hair Dryer Holder 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide: 

15. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

  • By: BaBylissPRO

Offering a stellar combination of both power and speed in an appropriate proportion, you can never be wrong about the BaBylissPRO hair dryer. It offers an excellent heavy duty performance thanks to its 2000-watts rating. At the same time, it provides one of the lightest ergonomic handling making it quite handy.

This perfect balancing of a heavy duty performance and a lightweight handling makes this hair dryer unlike any other in the market. And yes, it also offers a plethora of styling options and in an array of power and temperature control settings all aimed at ensuring that you get the best results overall.

What’s more, BaBylissPRO combines both power and strength in one package to yield an outstanding performance. If you are looking for a dryer whose styling options are unique and has amazing power and strength, this is the product you need to go for. And yes, its price is a clear reflection of its quality.

14. Professional Hair Dryer, Remington AC9096 Silk Ceramic Ionic AC

  • By: Remington

Remington is a reputable name in this industry. Its performance is a thumbs-up while its excellent features make it quite impressive. With an 1875-watt AC motor, it not only gives impressive results but also ensures a longer life. Given today’s volatile fiscal situations, this is arguably one of the greatest hair dryers within its price bracket.

It comes with an impressive grill which is protein-coated to give that awe experience. And yes, its ionic generator ensures that you get nothing short of silky-smooth results. If you are looking for a dryer that offers unparalleled hair straightening and a second to none perfection, this is exactly what you need to go for.

Its three heat setting gives its user an opportunity to vary heat intensity depending on the desired outcomes as well as hair texture. This prevents hair loss and weakening which results from improper heat variation. Of course, it’s 2-speed setting also ensures that you control the speed to your desired level.

If you want to set your desired style, Remington’s silk ionic generator will make sure that enough ions are generated for perfect styling. And yes, its concentrator and diffuser attachments give you an opportunity to explore four styling options.

13. Berta Professional Hair Dryer, 1875W Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer Far Infrared Heat 2 Speed

  • By: Berta

Talk of a professionally designed machine! This hair dryer is yet another excellent product whose performance is top-notch. With its negative ions, it gives you an opportunity to explore numerous styling options. The infrared heat gives the best results within the shortest time giving an impressively healthy and softer hair.

And yes, hair loss is gradually minimized. Fully ETL certified, you can trust Berta hair dryer to give impressive results without jeopardizing your safety. Given its 1875 watts, the strength generated can dry your hair within a span of 5 minutes. This makes Berta quite useful for use especially in saloons where speed is crucial.

Its 2.65-meter power cable not only makes movement quite easy but also makes storage a snap. The cable is long enough to facilitate natural movement which eliminates the need for you to keep moving it from one socket to another within the room.

What’s more, it comes with a double safety net which ensures that your hair never gets sucked into the dryer. Of course, its loose lint offers convenient and easy cleaning. Its high AC motor with an ability to last 4x longer than the standard ones will impress you.

12. GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer


GHD hair dryer comes with two concentrator nozzles which give remarkable results. If you have been fighting your frizzy hair for quite some time to no avail, perhaps this is the hair dryer you should be considering. Given its variable temperature as well as power control, you have full control placed into your hands.

This gives you the ability to control the amount of temperature you feel comfortable with as well as the amount of power you deem sufficient for your hair type. With its diffuser adaptor ring, drying your hair has never gotten any better. This hair dryer guarantees impressive results at all times.

Perhaps what is more exciting is the length of its cable. At 10 inch, its power cord is long enough to offers a convenient and comfortable use. If you are looking for a great hair dryer which comes at a pocket-friendly price, this is your bet!

11. Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer – xtava Straight Up Shine Toolkit

  • By: xtava

This was my top pick. Why so? Well, Chava is hands-down the best product in the market. If customer feedback is anything to go by, Chava out-muscles the rest. And yes, I must admit that my experience with it was also quite impressive. This is a professional hair dryer with an impressive 2200 watts rating which makes it quite powerful.

Coming with a concentrator attachment, this is a must-have product! It is a dual voltage hair dryer which gives it an upper hand. It introduces an impressive ceramic technology and takes it to a whole new level.

With negative ions and an advanced ceramic technology, this hair dryer completely and instantly dissipates water leaving your hair dry within the shortest time possible. Its negative ions also give your hair an incredible shine making it look healthier than ever before.

10. Remington D3190A hair dryer

Remington D3190A

  • By: Remington

The Remington is among the best-selling dryers on the market. It has unique features which make it stand out among the rest. It is designed with a grill which is infused with micro-conditioners which play a vital role in preventing damage and improving hair shine. It makes good use of the ionic technology to ensure that frizz is reduced whenever necessary. It has a strong motor of 1875 watts which ensures that the dryer works tirelessly for a longer period.


  • Lightweight design
  • Quiet operation
  • ceramic and ionic technology reduce frizzes


  • It has poor controls’ positioning

9. Conair 1875 watt hair dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

  • By: Conair

The Conair hair dryer has an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable and easy to use. The combination of ceramic and ionic features minimizes hair damage and ensures that there are fewer frizzes. It has three-heat and two-speed settings thus making it very efficient and effective. It has a cool shot feature which ensures that you get a stylish, brilliant finish. If your dream is to maintain curly and wavy hair, then this is the dryer for you as it has a diffuser. The numerous settings make it ideal for all hair types.


  • It’s suitable for different hair types
  • Strong and durable
  • Multiple settings
  • Extra long cord


  • Consumes much power

8. Laila Ali, LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

  • By: Laila Ali

Laila Ali is among the most amazing dryers this year. The Laila Ali hair dryer has received tremendous purchases from people all over the world because of its unique functionality. It has conditioning IONS which greatly help to retain the moisture to prevent breakage and achieve the goal of shinier, healthier looking hair styles. The Ion-infused airflow sees to it that the hair dries faster than expected. It gives you the flexibility of tuning your hair the way you want. The bonnet comes with a compact and convenient storage case that holds the entire unit, including the power cord.


  • Durable
  • Ion-infusion dries hair quickly
  • Great performance for longer periods


  • It is noisy

7. Revlon Pro, Collection 1875W Infrared  hair dryer:

Revlon Pro Collection 1875W Infrared Dryer

  • By: Revlon

The Revlon pro collection hair dryer utilizes the infrared technology in drying your hair completely. This ensures that over-drying is prevented as it could be harmful to your hair. The results are always very pleasing as they lead to soft, luxurious hair. It is one of a kind as it is among the few hair dryers that use infrared technology. It has a weight of about 2.2 pounds and is equipped with a long cord. It also has hanging rings which make storing it easier as it can be placed on the hooks.


  • Operates quietly
  • Its cord is quite long.
  • Comes with a cool-button feature
  • Hanging ring for storage


  • The setting for high heat isn’t hot enough.

6. John Frieda, Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

  • By: John Frieda

This is an amazing hair dryer as it provides an advanced ionic technology which releases up to 50% more ions. It has a titanium ceramic coated barrel and an enhanced air control system which makes it a good performer. It also has two heat and cool settings to enable you to regulate the heat as you stylishly work on your hair. The airflow is minimized to enable proper styling. The Swivel cord it uses is long enough to allow free movement.


  • Long swivel cord
  • Enhanced air control
  • Strong and durable


  • It overheats

5. Revlon, Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Dryer

Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Dryer

  • By: Revlon

Revlon 1875 perfect heat is an excellent hair dryer which features tourmaline ionic technologies for ultimate shine, volume, and healthier looking styles. It is one of its own kinds as it also has an ionic indicator light and separate heat and speed switches. This dryer is 25% lighter than the ordinary dryer and hence makes work much easier and comfy. It is super quiet and very quick in drying. The two heat and two-speed settings enable it to perform effectively and efficiently under proper regulations.


  • Super quite
  • Super-fast
  • Lightweight
  • Has diffuser attachments


  • Consumes much power

4. xtava, Voluminous Toolkithair dryer

xtava Voluminous Toolkit

  • By: xtava

Xtava hair dryer boasts a perfect hair switch which is basically described as turbo speed with medium heat. The double bristle body brush comprises of a dual bristle design which includes, extended nylon quills detangle from root to tip and the boar bristles which distribute your hair’s natural oil and smoothen the cuticle. It is made of strong material that makes it very strong and durable. The ionic technology used cuts the dry time by 80% thus making it super-fast in functionality and performance.


  • Strong and durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Advanced ionic technology


  • The lower heat levels can at times be hot

3. BaBylissPRO, Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

  • By: BaBylissPRO

This is a 2000 watt dryer coming with a ceramic technology. It has 6 heats and speed settings which make it perform to the maximum. The filter is removable and hence gives an easy time when cleaning it. It has a micro-concentrator nozzle which gives an allowance for thin hair. Babyliss dryer combines the ceramic and the infrared technologies to come up with a more sustainable and reliable hair dryer. The infrared work your hair from within while Ceramic technology dries it quickly.


  • Easy to clean
  • Its narrow barrel offers improved air pressure
  • Comes with aI micro-concentrating nozzle for thinner hair


  • It is very noisy

2. Infinity pro, by Conair 1875 Watthair dryer

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt

  • By: nfinity pro

This is the second best hair dryer. It scoops the second position thanks to its unique features and added designs that other dryers lack. It also has a high work rate and can work for longer hours without breaking down. Unlike others, it has 3 heat and 2-speed buttons which ensure effective heat and airflow control. It features a diffuser attachment for added volume and zero frizzes. The true cold shot buttons are well used to create curls and waves. The extended ionic technology is responsible for the reduced frizz and enhancement of shine at any given time.


  • Operates quietly
  • 3 heat and 2 heat switches for effective heat and air control
  • Energy efficient
  • Strong and durable
  • Extended performance- long hours


  • Overheats when it works for long

1. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

  • By: RUSK

This hair dryer has been crowned as the best one in 2017. This is because of its durability, enhanced performance, and quality design. It is an extremely powerful dryer, yet lightweight. It has a high wattage of 2000 watts which enables it to perform heavy tasks for longer hours without breaking down. The far infrared rays penetrate the outer cuticle of the hair, drying it from inside out and giving it an amazing finish. It’s among the most liked and used dryers in the world and using it will actually save you money and time.


  • It is fast
  • Perform heavy tasks for long
  • Lightweight


  • Uses a lot of power at a time


What’s more, it comes with two speeds, a concentrator nozzle and three heat settings which offer an unbeatable control. It’s cool shot button ensures that moisture is adequately locked while the multiple styling options give expert results. If you are looking for a machine with unique drying ability, go for this hair dryer!

Armed with this information, perhaps it’s time you threw away those poorly performing hair dryers and got yourself something worth your cash.

Buyer’s Guide:

The hair dryers’ market can be filled with counterfeit products at times. It’s, therefore, proper that you be keen to avoid buying a dud. Among the best products on the market, the Rusk engineering hair dryer has stood out as being the best because of its unique features and designs. It is a product with a difference and has the ability to transform and enhance the look of your hair effectively.

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