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Best GoPro Battery 2017 – Buyers Guide

The last thing any camera enthusiast wants is to run out of juice while filming or taking pictures. It’s for this reason that we all strive to get the best batteries for our GoPro cameras. GoPro Company manufactures most batteries for their cameras but we also have other subsidiary companies doing the same like Powerextra and Smatree.

The endless number of GoPro batteries on the market plunge to limbo most prospective buyers rendering them incapable of narrowing down to the best ones.

Here are the Top 5 Best Gopro Batteries in 2017 Reviews:

5. Powerextra, GoPro HERO5 battery

GoPro Battery

  • By: Powerextra

Compatible with GoPro Hero 5, this is one of the best Gopro batteries on the market. With an impressive battery life and unrivaled performance, you’ll love it. And yes, it boasts 3.85V and a whopping 1500mAh capacity for top-tier performance.


Pr-purchase Consideration
  • Boasts 3.85V, 1500mAh capacity:

With this capacity coupled up with superb high-tech Japanese cells, the performance is simply excellent.

  • Quite compatible with various Hero5 firmware:

This battery is not only compatible with a plethora of Hero 5 firmware but also works with all the original Hero 5 cameras and their accessories. This makes it quite reliable.

  • Comes with a dual battery charger:

Its dual charger ensures that you to save time by allowing you to charge even two batteries simultaneously.

  • The battery life is convenient:

Its battery life is sufficient enough to allow you to enjoy longer durations of filming and picture taking. At least, it ensures that you don’t run out of juice in the middle of important activities.

  • Its charger is quite reliable
  • Quite affordable for its quality
  • Offers future firmware update
  • Drains faster when not in use

4. GoPro, AHDBT-001 battery

GoPro Battery

  • By: GoPro

Featuring extremely advanced anti-vibration connectors, this GoPro AHDBT-001 battery is simply incredible. In fact, these kinds of connectors are only found on laptop batteries meaning that this is not your usual GoPro battery. With a reliable battery life and a 3-year warranty, this battery is worth your cash.


Pr-purchase Consideration
  • Use advanced connectors:

Like earlier pointed out, one of the most outstanding features of this GoPro battery is the super effective connectors which give it unrivaled performance.

  • Boast an extended battery life:

With an extended battery life, it allows you to conveniently use your GoPro camera without fear of running out of power at the least convenient moment.

  • It’s rechargeable:

This battery is rechargeable and allows you to use while still recharging thus saving you the headache of having to wait for the battery to charge first in order to continue using your camera.

  • The quality is awesome:

Of course, being an original GoPro battery, the quality is simply unmatched. In fact, it boasts one of the highest performances.

  • They are sufficiently compatible
  • Affordable for the quality
  • Isn’t the cheapest although the quality is also incredible

3. Smatree, 1290mAh Replacement battery for GoPro Hero4 

GoPro Battery

  • By: Smatree

Smatree is, without a doubt, a major manufacturer of top-tier GoPro batteries. This Gopro Hero 5 battery made using high-tech Japanese cells is one of the best products on the market. With LED indicators to keep you posted and a 3-channel charger to allow you to charge up to 3 batteries simultaneously, you can never go wrong with this battery.


Pr-purchase Consideration
  • Boasts an incredible 1290mAh capacity:

A 1290mAh capacity which is common with most GoPro batteries ensures that your camera boasts top-level performance.

  • Comes with a rapid 3-channel charger:

The 3-channel charger allows you to simultaneously charge up to 3 batteries which not only saves time but also ensures that you have a backup whenever you’re out using your camera.

  • Quite compatible:

This battery is compatible with the original GoPro Hero 5 camera and all its accessories. This means that you won’t have to damage your camera trying to make the battery fit in correctly.

  • Has a LED indicator:

The LED indicator gives feedback on the state of the battery informing you on the level of its charge at any given time. This ensures that you don’t run out of battery unknowingly.

  • Can charge 3 batteries at once
  • The charger comes in a perfect size for portability
  • It’s less expensive compared to the actual GoPro batteries
  • The battery becomes a bit warm after user

2. Wasabi Power, Power Battery (2-Pack) and Dual Charger for GoPro Hero4 battery

GoPro Battery

  • By: Wasabi Power

Finally, this ultra-quality Gopro battery from Wasabi power carries the day thanks to its unique features and incredible performance not to mention the extended battery life. Making use of premium quality Japanese cells, this 1160mAh rated battery is what you need to take your experience to the next level.


Pr-purchase Consideration
  • Rated 1160mAh:

Although this isn’t the highest capacity on the market, 1160mAh is sufficient enough to deliver incredible performance.

  • Makes use of premium Japanese cells:

Japanese cells have for a long time been known to boast the highest performance. And yes, with this battery using these unique Japanese cells, the performance is simply incredible.

  • Sufficiently compatible:

The battery is compatible with the original camera and all its accessories which makes it quite reliable.

  • Comes with a dual input charger:

The dual input charger allows you to conveniently charge two batteries at the same time thus saving on time.

  • Comes with 3-year warranty
  • The charging rate is quite high
  • The battery life is reliable
  • The shape is slightly irregular

1. GoPro, Dual Battery Charger + Battery (HERO5 Black) (GoPro Official Accessory)

GoPro Dual Battery


  • By: GoPro

Of course, as we inch closer to the top position, the competition gets stiffer and the features become even better. Scooping the second position, this GoPro rechargeable battery is another top quality option on the market. Boasting a whopping 1220mAh capacity and impressive Japanese cells, this GoPro battery is a must-have for any proud owner of Hero 5 camera.


Pr-purchase Consideration
  • Boasts 1220mAh capacity:

Just like most other Gopro batteries, this battery boasts 1220mAh capacity which makes it quite impressive offering reliable performance.

  • Compatible with Hero 5:

Engineered for Gopro Hero 5, it is compatible with both Hero5 black and Hero5 silver together with all their accessories.

  • Has incredible battery life:

Of course, given its incredible design and impressive capacity, it’s only fair that this battery boasts an incredible battery life. And yes, it lives up to its expectation by offering sufficient usage time.

  • The quality is awesome:

The quality of this battery is second to none. From the design to being upgradeable to future firmware, this battery is a must-have.

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Works perfectly with all Hero 5 accessories
  • It’s only compatible with Hero 5


All said and done, the next time you’re looking for the best batteries for your GoPro camera, simply grab one of these top rated products and enjoy longer use of your camera.

Buyer’s Guide:

From my 3 years experienced I recommend you to #1. GoPro, why?

  • hight-quality
  • #1 best seller
  • price affordable
  • International Dual-Port Charger
  • 1220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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