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Top 5 Best GoPro Accessories Kits in 2017

Looking for the Top 5 best GoPro accessories kits in 2017 reviews? Well, just relax! In order to get the best accessories kit for your GoPro, you have to be keen if at all you want to get something worth your cash.

Given their high numbers, the competition for the top position is really stiff. However, with the best right information, getting a quality accessories kit is a breeze. After a thorough screening, here is my list of the best products:

Top 5 Best GoPro Accessories Kits in 2017 Reviews:

5. Neewer 50-In-1 Accessories kit for GoPro

GoPro Accessories Kits

  • Brand: Neewer

Coming with 50 accessories for your GoPro camera, Neewer kit is one of the options you can trust. It comes with a removable triangular suction cup mount which works perfectly at low angles to give strong and precise suction which gradually reduces vibration.

A WI-FI remote fastening wrist strap is also available in a longer size to let you fit it around your wrist with least hassle. You can comfortably attach your WI-FI remote to your steering wheel, arm or bike handle. For 360 degrees rotation, it comes with a Backpack strap clip clamp mount.

This gives you an opportunity to take shots from any angle that gives clear and awesome photos. The retractable tripod which is fitted with a ball head and some awesome foldable legs give you a great experience. Small, portable and lightweight, you can carry it with you everywhere conveniently and comfortably.

4. Zookki Outdoor Accessories Kit for GoPro

GoPro Accessories Kits


  • Brand: Zookki

Zookki is yet another incredible option on the market. This GoPro kit comes with a J-buckle and a belt strap mount for your chest which makes it quite comfortable to move around with. With an option to adjust the length of the strap, you can comfortably increase or reduce the length as you please.

The monopod handheld mount which is extendable is also available in this kit making it quite handy. You can extend it from 8 to 37’’ giving you an opportunity to get creative with your GoPro camera. The Car suction cup mount and mount holder allow you to adjust your GoPro to varied angles and positions giving you a perfect shot.

It also comes with a tripod mount adapter for maximum performance. The bike handle holder mounts coupled with a 3-way adjustable pivot arm gives you an opportunity to capture every moment as you speed around on your bike. The handlebar mount is adjustable which makes it convenient for any size. Finally, it comes with a wrist strap mount which lets you adjust your GoPro camera as you please.

3. Action Camera Kit’s Accessories kit for GoPro

GoPro Accessories Kits

  • Brand: Action Camera Kit

Introducing a stellar combination of top-tier quality and incredible performance, this accessories kit from Action Camera kit ensures that you get nothing short of perfect experience. Made from high-quality material, it’s really durable and reliable. The kit comes with accessories whose versatility and compatibility is unrivaled.

Using the head strap and chest harness, you can comfortably and conveniently make recordings at any place. Whether you are cycling, hiking, running or climbing, this kit is what you need. It comes with 31 quality accessories which include memory cards, mounts, harness and hooks all contained in a heavy duty and sturdy case which stands any extreme sporting activities.


2. Vanwalk 20-in-1 Accessories Kit for Gopro Hero

GoPro Accessories Kits

  • Brand: Vanwalk

On the second position, we have Vanwalk accessories kit which comes with 20 accessories for your GoPro camera. Compatible with numerous GoPro models, you will definitely love its versatility. What’s more, it features a chest mount harness and a J-hook buckle which lets you install your camera on your chest.

Of course, the chest harness is fully adjustable which makes it convenient for any size. Its head strap which is fully adjustable allows you to fix it onto your head in order to take shots of those before you. The handlebar pole mount makes it even better and lets you mount your GoPro on Ski poles, seat posts, and surfing bars.

1. PANNOVO Accessories Kit for GoPro

GoPro Accessories Kits

  • Brand: PANNOVO

Finally, PANNOVO accessories kit takes the top-tier position thanks to its quality and unrivaled durability. It comes with five pcs of filter for your GoPro 5. The lens filters allow you to capture clear images while its silicone protective case ensures that everything is safe.

You don’t have to worry about flying pebbles or scratches with this kit. Lens protector and screen protector are also available to ensure that your GoPro camera is safe. The lens cover also keeps your camera safe and protected from any harm while its high-performance design adds to its excellent features.



The next time you’re looking for accessories kit for your GoPro, you can try out the options listed above. With their amazing features, you will love how effective and reliable they are.

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