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Best Digital Wall Clocks 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for the Top 5 best digital wall clocks in 2017 reviews, you’re in the right place! In a market full of options, identifying the best product is never an easy task.

In fact, getting the right digital wall clocks is an uphill task these days. That’s why I delved into the market and had a closer look at all available options before coming up with this list of the best ones. Here are the best products.

Top 5 Best Digital Wall Clocks in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

5. ZJchao, 3D Large LED Digital Wall Clock

Digital Wall Clocks

  • Brand: ZJchao

Adopting a top-quality aluminum alloy for its construction, this is a sturdy and durable digital wall clock which gives nothing short of accurate results. It also throws in an ABS material which adds to its excellent features making it pretty awesome. The large and bright seconds, minutes and hours pointers make it easy for you to view the exact time without much hassle.

In case you want to wake up in the middle of the night and can’t bring yourself to doing it on your own, this wall clock features a programmable alarm to do the work for you. With both 24 and 12 hour system, you can conveniently switch to your preferred mode with much ease. Coming with a US version plug adapter, a remote control and a USB power supply, you will definitely love it.

It consumes less juice ensuring that your power bill remains affordable in these hard times. What’s more, it’s environmentally-friendly making it convenient for use. It also boasts some multi-functional features including time, date and temperatures display, alarm function, stopwatch, and countdown function. The simple and ergonomic design adds to its excellent features making it convenient for any home.

4. Jaras, Lax-Max Large LED Digital Wall Clock with Temperature & Calendar

Digital Wall Clocks

  • Brand: Jaras

Featuring 12 and 24-hour clock systems, Jaras digital LED wall clock is yet another option on the menu. It not only indicates time but also clearly shows the month, date and the temperatures making it a must-have. It monitors your indoor temperatures and displays them for you. The temperature feature lets you decide wisely on what to wear on any given day.

If you want to wake up earlier, it features an alarm with snooze which alerts you when it’s time for you to get up and do something else. The large LED display takes the guesswork out and lets you tell the time exactly as it is.

3. Kwanwa, Digital Wall Clock

Digital Wall Clocks

  • Brand: Kwanwa

Making use of size D alkaline battery, Kwanwa digital wall clock gives you an opportunity to clearly view an illuminated time. It comes with a USB cable for charging and a quite operation which lets you carry on with the other activities without any distraction. Its LED display is clear enough and gives large figures which are readable even from a distance.

It is visible during the day as well as during the night since the figures are illuminated. The programmable alarm feature lets you set the time you wish as a reminder. The accuracy is simply unrivaled, I mean, +/- 30 seconds per month, that’s incredible.

2. Ivation, Big Oversized Digital Blue LED Calendar Clock

Digital Wall Clocks

  • Brand: Ivation

Ivation oversized digital wall clock takes to top-tier position thanks to its amazing features and unparalleled clarity. Easy to read even in bright sunlight, it gives 3 brightness levels which can be adjusted to conform to the prevailing environment.

Ideal for any room, it’s also quite convenient for the visually challenged person’s thanks to its large figures. It also shows days and months which makes it quite reliable. What’s more, it shows AM and pm features which enable you to get accurate feedback on time.

1.  RCA, Digital Alarm Clock

RCA Digital Alarm Clock


  • Brand: RCA

Featuring an easy to read display, RCA produces large and clear figures which are visible even from a distance. Whether age has gotten the better of you are experiencing vision impairment, this is your number one choice. Conveniently powered by an AC power plug, you never have to charge it.

It not only gives clear times but also gives you enough information on the day, month, year and the temperatures of your home. Multi-faceted, it’s quite versatile and can be used on various surfaces as well. Its source of illumination which comes from the built-in LED bulbs boosts the clarity and enhances visibility.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for top-quality digital wall clocks worth your dollar, you can never go wrong with the ones listed above. Simply grab one of them and enjoy their impressive performance.

Buyer’s Guide:

I recommend you to #1.  RCA Digital Alarm Clock from my experienced, high qaulity and price are affordable.

  • 1.4″ Red LED Display
  • Large full-width snooze button
  • Alarm Indicator
  • Brightness control: high/low display setting
  • No Worry battery back-up (9V Battery Not Included)
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