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Top 5 Best Car Wash Soaps In 2017

Your car is just like your kid! You either take care of it or take care of it; there are no two ways about it. And yes, taking care of your car is not just ensuring that the engine is cranking a big performance, it also includes taking care of its exterior details.

Washing your car is one crucial task that needs to be taken seriously. To ensure that your vehicle is sparkling clean, you need to have the best car wash soaps. It’s for this reason that I delved into the market in an attempt to unravel the best car wash soaps in 2017.

Top 5 best car wash soaps in 2017 reviews:

5. Armor All 10346 Ultra Shine – Car Wash Soaps

car wash soaps

Armor is one car wash soap which captured my attention, and probably that of several other buyers. If its positive customer review is anything to go by, you can never be wrong about this car wash soap. If your vehicle appears older than it actually is, maybe all you need to do is give it a thorough washing. Armor gently removes dirt and stubborn stains from your car without tampering with the paint.

And yes, unlike other soaps, it cleans without causing any swirls or scratches whatsoever. It delivers a mirror-like shine without you having to scrub and scrape your car with brushes or any other funny washing tools. And yes, it not only takes care of your vehicle’s paint but also leaves it looking better than ever before. If you want to confirm whether your vehicle is already getting old or is only dirty, trust Amor car wash soap to tell you the exact reason.

4. Chemical Guys Honeydew – Car Wash Soaps

Soap and Cleanser

Chemical guys have been on the front-line in the manufacture of top quality and reliable car wash soaps. The honeydew car wash soap from chemical guys has proven quite reliable. It not only eliminates dirt but also ensures other agents like grime and environmental contaminants are completely removed.

If you want to have your car in its best state, you need to try chemical guys’ honeydew car wash soap. Funny enough, unlike other soaps, this particular car wash soap is so versatile such that it can be used on plastics, vinyl, glass and paints which are all parts of your vehicle. In a jiffy, it can be used to wash the entire surface of your car indiscriminately.

Its concentration allows you to dilute a single cap with five gallons of water which means that you can use it for a longer duration. What’s more, its pH allows you to remove dirt and grime from the surface of your car without affecting the paint. It’s Fresh, natural honeydew scent ensures that you enjoy every moment as you wash your vehicle.

3. Turtle Wax 50597 Max Power Car Wash, Car Wash Soaps

Power Car Wash

Boosting the pH-cleaning power, turtle wax car wash soap gives you the most powerful car washing ability. If you are looking for a regular car washing soap which boasts an excellent dirt removing strength, try Turtle Wax, and you will notice the difference.

If your vehicle has been having this funny look resulting from stubborn stains, worry no more! All you need is a bottle of Turtle Wax, and you will be good to go. It comes with measure ounces to facilitate accurate car washing process. And yes, if you are worried about your vehicle’s paint being scratched, worry not! This car wash soap eliminates grime and dirt without tampering with the paint of your vehicle.

It gives you an opportunity to vary the concentration depending on the kind of results you want to achieve. For instance, if you want to get rid of dirt and grime simply, you only use 3 oz. On the other hand, if you want to eliminate bugs, salt, and mud, you are supposed to use 6 oz while 9oz is for removing sap and incredibly stubborn stains. This ensures that you use the amount that corresponds to whatever you want to erase from the surface of your car.

2. Car Wash Concentrate – Soap and Conditioner & Chenille 

Car Wash Soaps

Trinova’s car wash soap is also quite reliable if you want to prepare your vehicle for waxing. It’s a premium quality car wash soap that not only removes stubborn stains and grime but also leaves your car looking shiny and new. It is a highly concentrated formula which ensures that you only use a little amount with a lot of water. This ensures that you use it for a long time which saves cash.

And yes, it also comes with a plush scratch which ensures that you do not use those funny looking rugs and sponges which scratch off your car’s paint. If you want to get rid of grime, dirt, grease or grit, you can trust Trinova car wash soap to help you achieve that.

1. Meguiar’s G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

Car Wash Shampoo

Presenting a stellar combination of luxury and performance, Meguiar’s gold class car wash soap ensures that your vehicle is looking good as new. Being a premium formula, it offers the fastest and most reliable cleaning of your car surface leaving it dirt-free. If you want to get rid of grime and contaminants, this is your bet. It’s excellent paint conditioner removes stains from your car leaving the pain in its perfect form.


If you want to take care of your car, you have to get the best car wash soaps. If you have no idea of what to use, try the ones listed above, and you will get excellent results.

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