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Top 5 Best Cell Phone Holders for Car in 2017

No one wants to get destructed by their phone ringing at the back seat. It’s for this reason that demand for car phone holders has exploded lately. This increased demand has also paved way for an increased production.

This has created a situation where customers have so many options such that they are spoilt for choices whenever they are out looking for the best products. And yes, to lend a helping hand, I decided to do some research on the Top 5 best holders for your phone while you are using your car in 2017 reviews:

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Holders for Car in 2017 Reviews:

5. Abco Tech, holder for your phone

  • Brand: Abco tech

Abco car phone holder is a great option I came across. Of course, it’s positive rating and superb customer reviews played part in me deciding to try it out. And yes, it lets you swivel and rotate your phone to whatever angle you want to without much hassle. Its base mount remains attached to your car’s air vent thus ensuring that your phone is safe at all times. In fact, it doesn’t move an inch no matter how swiveling or rotation you do.

This ensures that you Smartphone remains in the position you are comfortable with while its high-quality rubber minimizes friction thus gradually reducing chances of slippage or road vibration which could affect your phone in one way or another. It also allows you to conveniently access and operate your phone without having to pick it up. Magnetic in nature, you can never go wrong with it. In fact, it marks a front leap from the usual car phone holders.

4. CIVPOWER, holder for your phone, Car Phone Holders

  • Brand: CIVPOWER

CIVPOWER phone holder offers zero distraction to your phone as you drive. As statistics continually show that phones are the major causes of car accidents, perhaps it’s time you got equipped with this phone holder and stay safe. With an extremely easy to operate dashboard, this car phone holder gives you an opportunity to experience flexibility from a whole new level.

A single-hand mounting for your phone, it gives you absolute power to operate your phone while still driving without jeopardizing your own safety. Its powerful gel base ensure that your phone is safe and secured from slipping off or any other accidents, the super sticky gel holds your phone in a fixed position allowing you to conveniently access it whenever you want without much hassle.

In fact, it gives you an opportunity to improve your convenience through its telescopic arm which lets you operate your phone without having to move an inch. Its long-life construction coupled with an incredible compatibility makes it one of a kind car phone holder. And yes, it brings a 100% guarantee just in case!

3. M-BETTER, phone holder for your car – Car Phone Holders

  • Brand: M-better

Coming with a quick release button, M-better is yet another reliable product on the market. This unique quick release button allows you to save time since operating your phone and car at the same time is a risky affair. Providing a 360-degree rotation, it gives you an opportunity to use your phone and rotate it as you wish without limitation.

Whether you are talking, navigating or listening to music from your phone, this holder offers unrivaled safety and ensures that you stay safe as well. Its broad compatibility and versatility makes it ideal for almost every phone. Okay, it makes it ideal for almost every phone. Given its fast installation, you can never go wrong with this phone holder in your car.

2. SMART & EASY – Car Phone Holders

  • Brand: SMART & EASY

To ensure that you have your phone in view at all times and never have to get destructed looking for it in your back seat, here comes this SMART & EASY phone holder for your car. It’s time you stopped endangering your life by looking for your phone everywhere as you drive.

Coming in a sleek and easy to use design, you will not just like this holder, you will love it. Its high rotation of up to 270 degrees will let you operate your phone from almost every position while the sticky nature lets you place it at any position.

In fact, fix it elsewhere and not necessarily inside your car. This means that your phone will be safe even when you aren’t driving. Its excellent compatibility adds to its unique features making it quite impressive.

1. iOttie, phone holder- Car Phone Holders

Car Phone Holders

  • Brand: iOttie

Finally, iOttie car phone holder carries the day. In fact, it’s an all-time best seller. If the reviews and rating on amazon.com are anything to go by, this is a reputable holder for your phone. Coming with an easy to touch mount system, it can be locked and released at a press of the button thus making it quite handy.

Its super sticky gel pad ensures that you securely place it on almost any surface. Its telescopic handle makes things even better while the iOttie dashboard makes its operation simply a snap, Compatible with most devices with up to 3.2 inches, it’s really wonderful.

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