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5 Best Bushnell Range Finders 2017

Nowadays, getting the best range finder isn’t a piece of cake given their large numbers. In fact, there are a million and one options available on the market. However, Bushnell rangefinders have stood the test of time and proven that they are simply unrivaled.

It’s for this that I burnt midnight oil dusting every shelf in an attempt to unravel the Top 5 best Bushnell range finders in 2017 reviews. After a thorough research, here are my findings:

Top 5 Best Bushnell Range Finders in 2017 reviews:

5. Bushnell DX 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder, Bushnell Range Finders

Bushnell Range Finders

  • Brand: Bushnell

With 6x magnification, this DX1 1000 laser rangefinder is one of the best products from Bushnell. Its built-in inclinometer ensures that you have an excellent view by providing arc. The Extreme. Speed. Precision (E.S.P), gives up to � yard accuracy and a yard display precision of 1/10 ensuring that you have a perfect and precise viewing.

With 5-1000 yards range, it ensures that you have a clear view of any object within this range which makes it pretty awesome for hunting. Being a pocket sized rangefinder; its portability is, obviously, unrivaled.

It comes with Angle Range Compensation which makes it ideal for gun and bow hunting while the 6x magnification gives better clarity and advanced accuracy. With 1/10 yard display precision and � yard accuracy, its E.S.P is simply top-notch completely eliminating guesswork out of the entire process. In addition, this rangefinder comes with an ARC bow mode which provides an accurate horizontal distance of up to 99 yards.

4. Bushnell Tour X Laser Rangefinder – Bushnell Range Finders

Bushnell Range Finders

  • Brand: Bushnell

Tour X rangefinder which comes with an Exchange technology to offer a slope when needed ensures that you have an excellent accuracy and precise range calculation. It also has the power to make tournament legal when needed thus making it really reliable.

With a dual display technology, you have the power to toggle between the crisp black display and the bright red display depending on the lighting situation of any given environment. The pin seeker with JOLT which is an advanced technology for providing feedback when you lock onto the lock makes this rangefinder really awesome.

What’s more, it comes with a 2nd generation E.S.P gives far much better and faster yardage than any of its competitors. The 6x magnification makes it even better by increasing accuracy.

3. Bushnell Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder, Bushnell Range Finders

Bushnell Range Finders

  • Brand: Bushnell

Introducing a stellar combination of stunning HD clarity and quality optics, Bowhunting Bushnell rangefinder is made from 100% quality material which gives it incredible performance and unmatched durability. Its construction is extensively tested and proven to last longer and unique, exclusive performance.

Built to last, its ergonomic and attractive design makes it quite appealing. Introducing a clearShot technology, it gives instant and accurate feedback on the shot clearance. Coming in an ergonomic pocket-size design, its anti-slip finish makes it not just portable but also quite reliable.

Its 4x magnification provides accurate horizontal distance range from 7-199 yards. Rainproof, it comes with a carrying case, neck strap and a battery making it easy to use. Offering angle range of -90 to 90 degrees and a vertical range of 7-770 yards, this rangefinder is simply incredible.

2. Bushnell Team ARC Laser Rangefinder – Bushnell Range Finders

Bushnell Range Finders

  • Brand: Bushnell

A 4 by 20mm laser rangefinder, this team ARC rangefinder from Bushnell takes the second position thanks to its overwhelmingly high quality and performance. Providing a vertical range of 7-850 yards, you will love this rangefinder from the very first day.

It integrates an excellent Angle compensation arc which gives better clarity and improved accuracy. Its pocket-size makes it quite portable while its ARC makes it ideal for bow hunting. The 4x magnification coupled with its incredible range make the experience even better.

The line-of-sight provided by its ARC bow mode display ensures that you get nothing short of perfection while the true horizontal distance range gives it an error-free estimation. With an inbuilt inclinometer which measures from -90 to 90 with a single -/+1 accuracy ensures that you get correct and reliable information.

1. Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Rangefinder

Bushnell Range Finders

  • Brand: Bushnell

With an accuracy of -/+1, Michael Waddell Bushnell rangefinder takes the first position. Given its overwhelming positive rating on amazon.com coupled with its one-button operation, you can never go wrong with this rangefinder.

Its magnification objective of 4x20mm, the weather resistant housing and the casing add to its awesome features making it quite reliable. What’s more, it’s lightweight and pocket-sized which makes it quite portable.


All said, the next time you want to have a closer interaction with nature, grab one of these rangefinders. Given their awesome features and performance, you’ll love them.

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