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Top 5 Best Bike Locks 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Bike locks are an essential requirement for any bike enthusiast. They not only guarantee the safety of your bike but also prevent unauthorized use. If you a bike-freak, then you must resonate with me on the fact that we always have a special connection with our bikes such that we wouldn’t want someone else tampering with them.

Unfortunately, getting the best bike locks is a tedious and long process given their multitudinous numbers. Being a bike aficionado, I delved into the market in an attempt to unravel the Top 5 best bike locks in 2017 reviews. Here are my findings:

The Top 5 Best Bike Locks in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

5. Tektalk LED, Bike Locks

bike locks

  • Brand: Tektalk

Coming with a bright LED light for easy and enhanced visibility even at night, you can never be wrong about Tektalk LED bike lock. It eliminates the need for you to take out your phone at night which is not only tedious to you but also risky to the phone itself. Its 4-digits resettable combination ensures that you have the total safety of your bike. In fact, you and only you can know the combination which means that no one else can tamper with your bike unless you tell them your code. Of course, you can always reset the code once someone else knows it.

The dials on the lock are also big enough for you to see them clearly even at night. Its premium cut-resistant construction completely eliminates the possibility of your bike being stolen. If you have been spending sleepless nights worried about the safety of your bike; that changes with Tektalk bike lock. Its solid cylinder is quite durable and ensures that you use it for a very long time. It’s a multi-functional bike lock which is quite portable given its size. In fact, you can simply place it in your backpack at any time.

4. Blusmart, Cable locks- High Bike Lock Quality

bike locks

  • Brand: Blusmart

Blusmart bike lock is yet another reputable item in the market. Its smart 5-digit resettable combination is a front leap from the usual 4 digits. This beefs up the safety of your bike ensuring that you never have to worry about it being stolen.

It’s also quite easy to reset your password from time to time in case you suspect anything. Its sturdy and strong saw and water-resistant material ensure that you have total protection of your bike. The cable lock pin is also made from water-resistant material making it quite impressive.

Its heavy duty construction will give you peace of mind. Ideal for bikes, it can also be used on scooters or grills. The thickness of the cable makes this lock one of its kind while its flexibility ensures that you mount it with least hassle. Its high-quality material ensures that it cannot be damaged even at extreme temperatures.

3. MEETLOCKS, Resettable Combination Bike Locks- Bike locks

bike locks

  • Brand: MEETLOCKS

Another easy to open keyless combinational bike lock whose is top-notch is this MEETLOCKS product. It’s an easy to install and carry bike lock. Its heavy duty construction gives it exemplary durability while the flexible steel cable guarantees absolute cut resistance.

If you want to have maximum security of your bike, you can always trust it to deliver nothing short of that. The vinyl coating ensures that your lock never gets scratched.

2. Sigtuna Gear, SIGTUNA Bike locks

SIGTUNA Bike Locks

  • Brand: Sigtuna Gear

To get total peace of mind, you can trust Sigtuna to deliver unrivaled safety. Whether you reside in high-risk or low-risk areas, this bike lock guarantees maximum safety of your bike. If the reviews on amazon.com are anything to go by, you can trust Sigtuna to offer you total peace of mind. It’s a well designed bad boy lock boasting a heavy duty construction and a cut-free cable. If you want total safety, you have to give it a shot.

1. UShake, Bike Lock Cable

Bike Locks

  • Brand: UShake

With an easy to set combination, UShake bike lock tops the list. It provides a 4-digit combination key-less locking mechanism which ensures that you have the safety of your bike at your fingertips. Coming with a free mounting bracket, you can easily transport it.

Of course, it’s resettable and allows you to reset your code when you feel like someone cracked it. Cracking is not a possibility here, but sometimes we go telling people our passwords so it’s possible that you told a friend who told another friend thus jeopardizing the safety of your bike.

For that reason, resetting gives you an opportunity to beef up the security once more. It’s a multi-purpose bike lock and guarantees excellent performance.


The next time you are looking for a bike lock, try one of these locks and you will love the experience. Given their quality, you won’t be disappointed.

Buyer’s Guide: 

I recommend you to #1. UShake Bike Lock Cable from my experienced:

  • Easy to set combination:

4-digit combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience with a free mounting bracket for easy transportation

  • Resettable:

Easy to set your own personalized number combination

  • Multipurpose:

ideal for bicycles, skateboards, gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes & ladders

  • Good performance cable:

Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance and PVC coating helps prevent scratching and keeping more durable

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