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Top 5 Best Battery Chargers In 2017 Reviews

Basically, your battery is as good as your charger; there’s no two way about that. Having an excellent battery and a poorly performing charger is frustrating. In fact, a weak charger can damage your battery making it less efficient. That’s why you need to have a look at these Top 5 best battery chargers in 2017 reviews.

5. Battery Chargers, Schumacher SC-1200A-CA SpeedCharge 12Amp 6/12V Fully Automatic

Battery Charger

  • Brand: Schumacher

Schumacher is a name we have grown knowing. In fact, Schumacher has designed some of the best battery chargers in the market. This particular model baffled me with its amazing performance. It is a 12A rapid charger which ensures that your battery gets juiced up fast. Tt’s safe to say that this is a multi-purpose charger.

If you are looking for a charger that boasts an incredible charging speed, this is what you should be looking for. It also features a float mode monitoring which adds up to its beautiful nature. Its auto voltage detection system detects 6 or 21 V batteries and keeps track of the charging progress. Given its reverse hook-up which comes with LED indicators, you can never be wrong about this battery charger.

4. Smart Battery Charger, NOCO Genius G15000 12V/24V 15A Pro Series UltraSafe 

Smart Battery Charger

  • Brand: NOCO

Imagine being able trio charge a fully drained battery up to 400Ah in a short-span; that’s exactly what this battery charger does. NOCO Genius has for a long time been used for cars, trucks, and boats to charge their batteries. And yes, it has maintained a high performance all through. What’s more, this battery charger doesn’t just charge your battery; it also ensures that it is well maintained. Whether you want to use it to charge RV or only want to use it on your boat battery, it is quite useful.

Its cutting edge technology ensures that you get the best and superior performance. In fact, it gives a 2x faster charging than the regular conventional chargers. Whether you want to jumpstart your dead batteries or only want to repair damaged ones, NOCO will come in handy.

Its streamlined design makes it quite compact while its lightweight makes it quite portable. Featuring external mounting holes and a rubber base to avoid scratching and slipping off, you can trust this charger to deliver the highest performance. And yes, its natural LED lights provide an overview of the overall charging process.

3. Black & Decker BC15BD 15 Amp Bench Battery Charger with Engine Start Timer

Battery Chargers

  • Brand: Black & Decker

Black& Decker battery charger is yet another awesome product whose performance is unequaled. Boasting a fast and efficient charging technology, this charger comes with a high-frequency technology which provides sufficient load faster than standard chargers. With a one-touch charging technology, you can never be wrong about its efficiency.

It features an LCD which gives you an opportunity to monitor the entire charging process keenly. It also features an excellent battery voltage checker and patented alternator which are all aimed at ensuring that your battery charges without much hassle. With its patented Engine start, it can start most vehicles within a very short time. If you are looking for a reliable battery charger, you can trust this one!

2. Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V – Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers

  • Brand: Battery Tender

Battery Tender has for a long time been known to produce high-quality battery chargers. This junior version has proven quite useful in charging various appliances. Coming with a spark proof design, it ensures that connections are made without sparks being produced.

It also comes with a reverse polarity which ensures that your battery performs efficiently and lasts for long. It is perfect for charging 12V lead-acid batteries. What’s more amazing about this charger is its excellent automated 4-step charging program which gives maximum battery power and prevents over-charging.

It boasts automated functionality which turns to float mode after a full charge to avoid overcharging. This makes it quite reliable. Of course, it comes with LED indicators!

1. Best Battery Charger, Deltran Battery Tender (021-0128) 1.25 Amp 

Battery Charger

  • Brand: Battery Tender

Combining a stellar performance and an outstanding functionality, Beltran tops the list. If customer feedback is anything to go by, this battery charger is quite reliable. Its temperature compensated to ensure that charge voltage is optimum. It automatically switches from full to float mode to prevent overcharging which can affect the battery.

It is one of the fastest chargers in the market and comes with a red and a green indicator which gives different charging information. In fact, this charger doesn’t just charge your battery. It also ensures that your battery is well maintained. It is a must-have for anyone looking for an efficient battery charger.

In a jiffy, if you are looking for a quality battery charger, try the ones listed above. Armed with this information, getting the best product is simply a snap!

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