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Top 5 Best Baby Sun Shades For Cars In 2017 Reviews

Looking for the Top 5 best baby sun shades for cars in 2017 reviews? Well, you need to be keen on which one you go for. Of course, no one wants to have their child being exposed to those harmful UV rays when they are in the car.

It’s for this very reason that we have an exploding demand for top quality baby sun shades. Getting the best ones isn’t falling off a log and requires a thorough screening.

To take the burden off your back, I delved into the market and unearthed the best sun shades for your baby. Here they are:

5. Made to shade’s baby sun shade

Baby Sun Shades For Cars

  • Brand: Made 2 Shade

Ergonomically designed to provide unrivaled protection against the sun for your baby, this sun shade from “Made to shade” is an awesome product. It lets you make as many trips as you like without subjecting your child to an uncomfortable environment.

Of cause, sun rays are not just disturbing; they have dire effects on your child’s health as well. Its clever design gives you an opportunity to still operate your car window while it’s still in place. Made from top quality materials, its cutting-edge design and durability make it quite reliable.

Coming with an easy-to-fit design, setting it up is simply a snap. It’s a universal shade which means that it can fit in a plethora of car models including Audi, Ford, Nissan, and VW among others. Its stretchy material allows you to fit or remove in a breeze making them incredibly flexible. With this sun shade, you don’t have to worry about weather or the length of your journey.

Whether it’s during summer or winter, it will keep your baby/babies covered. What’s more, it comes in a large and attractive design which covers the entire length of your car window leaving no room for harmful UV rays to penetrate through. The smart design also ensures that you do not experience blurred vision which can, sometimes, become risky.

4. Baby 1st’s Sun Shade,  Baby Sun Shades For Cars

Baby Sun Shades For Cars

  • Brand: baby 1st

Another top-tier option is this Baby 1st baby sun shade. It completely protects your child from sun and heat thus giving them ultimate comfort during any trip. Whether it’s during the day or at night, you never have to worry about your journey.

In fact, it introduces a cooling effect inside your car eliminating the need for air conditioning. It’s a universal product which means that it can conveniently and comfortably fit into any car model. Of course, it covers 100% length of your car window leaving no space for UV rays to pass through.

The shade is made using a stretchy material which allows it to fit into a window of any size conveniently. What’s more, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist in order to install it. It boasts an easy to fix design which lets you do everything without employing services of any technician.

It’s foldable which means that you can fold and store it when not in use. Its unique two layer design allows air to get in while at the same time protecting your child. And yes, it also shields and protects the car from getting heated up.

I’m not sure about you, but I think most people find it hard to sleep in brightly lit place. For this reason, you kid will get to sleep comfortably even when on a trip.

3. Kinder Fluff’s,  Baby Sun Shades For Cars

Baby Sun Shades For Cars

  • Brand:  inder Fluff

Bigger and better, Kinder Fluff’s baby sun shade takes the 3rd tier position. Of course, that’s for a good reason. Looking at its features, you simply can’t help liking it. Universal and large, it fits in most cars and offers a full coverage of the entire window length.

It’s made from a high-quality material which makes it sturdy and reliable. The premium static material used to make it guarantees top performance and unparalleled comfort. Its protective mesh blocks 99.99% of harmful UV rays thus giving your child unrivaled comfort.

What’s more, its compact design makes it easy to install. In fact, its installation is a piece of cake and can be done within seconds. This is a perfect gift for your child.

2. Samro’s baby Car Sun Shade –  Baby Sun Shades For Cars

Baby Sun Shades For Cars

  • Brand: SAMRO

Integrating the latest protective factors, Samro’s baby sun shade blocks nearly 99% of dangerous UV rays giving your child utmost comfort during any trip.

It’s a perfect gift idea for your child and guarantees top-notch performance. Its ergonomic design coupled with high-quality construction makes it both sturdy and flexible. It’s an easy to install sun shade which comes in a delightful design.

1. Enovoe baby car sun shade –  Baby Sun Shades For Cars

Baby Sun Shades For Cars

  • Brand: Enovoe

Finally, Enovoe scoops the first position thanks to its design, performance, and durability. The quality is second to none; its design is unrivaled while the durability is unparalleled.

It covers the entire length of your car’s window leaving zero room for harmful UV rays to penetrate. If you want to offer maximum protection for your child against harmful UV rays, you can trust it.


If you are looking for a perfect gift for your child, perhaps you need to try getting them one of these top-notch sun shades. Given their quality, your child will love them.

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