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Top 5 Best Baby Jumpers 2017

Seeing your baby chuckle and chortle is always the best feeling for any parent. And yes, it actually wipes away the memories of those sleepless nights you’ve had to endure and the dozens of piled up dirty clothes you have to wash.

All this is achieved by getting an awesome baby jumper. Getting the best baby jumpers in a market full of options is not falling off a log. After a thorough research, I came up with a list of the Top 5 best baby jumpers in 2017 reviews. 

Top 5 Best Baby Jumpers 2017 Review:

5. Evenflo, ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper

baby jumpers

  • Brand: Evenflo

This 100% polyester jumper with incredible features and a superb design ensures that you baby is all smiles. It provides your baby with an extremely comfortable environment to learn and play. Its 67 fun activities ensure that your baby is occupied thus giving you time to attend to other chores.

These activities are also a great developmental milestone and ensure that your baby develops into an intelligent kid. Its bounce base ensures that your baby a soft landing pad thus ensuring that they are stable and comfortable.

The smart electronic toys which grace this awesome jumper interact with your child keeping thus entertained by their 3 genres of music and fun lights. With its extra jump, it allows your baby to exercise their legs making them strong. If you want to have your baby fully entertained while at the same time giving you time to relax, you can certainly trust this jumper.

4. Jolly Jumper, on a Stand for Rockers

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  • Brand: Jolly

Jolly is yet another great baby jumper available on the market. With an exclusive ability to improve the stability and balance of your child, you will definitely love it. It also helps in improving coordination which translates to better development of your child.

If you are looking for a jumper with an unparalleled ability to develop the coordination and strength of your baby’s muscles, you can never be wrong about Jolly. Its firm nature guarantees absolute support of your baby’s spine enhancing the posture.

Of course, it’s easily portable thanks to its impressive size. This means that you can move around with it without much hassle.

3. Baby Einstein, Activity Jumper Special Edition

Baby Jumpers

  • Brand: Baby Einstein

On the second position, there can only be Baby Einstein. This is a phenomenal baby jumper with excellent features all aimed at ensuring that your child is all good to go each and every day. With a secure support seat, you can trust it to offer unquestionable safety to your child.

It also has additional comfort features for your child and boasts 4 fun filled activities. The seat can rotate 360 degrees ensuring that your child never has to keep twisting and turn their neck as they try to see what’s behind them.

The piano available on this jumper activates lights thus taking your child attention and giving you time to do other things. With language learning technology, your child will be able to learn any language easily. The 5 heights setting lets your child grow with it right from childhood.

2. Graco, Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

baby jumpers

  • Brand: Graco

Graco is polyester made Jumper whose level of comfort is unrivaled. With an impressive rating on amazon.com, you will have a great service with it. It boasts a sturdy bounce spring which ensures that your child is safe.

Its bounce spring comes with a hidden safety cord which ensures that your baby’s legs are in constant action for exercising purposes. It gives your baby a mark free entertainment ensuring that they have their day covered. Its size allows you to transport it from one room to another or one place to another conveniently without stress.

Washing is always a hard task, for that reason, this jumper comes with a machine washable sitting pad which saves you the hassle of having to wash it yourself. Its non-twist straps ensure that you get your baby in and out quickly without having to start untwisting it.

1. Fisher-Price, Luv U Zoo Jumperoo- Baby jumpers

baby jumpers

  • Brand: fisher-price

Finally, fisher-price Jumperoo carries the day. Given its unique features and spectacular performance, this polyester made jumper is your child’s best companion. If you want to make your little one happier than ever, you can only do that by getting this jumper for them.

It rewards your baby’s jumping with prodigious music all aimed at ensuring that they have a good time. Its sturdy nature coupled with a 360-degree seat rotation ensures that your child gets an awesome time. Easily adjustable to its 3 tier heights, you will love it!


If you are tired of the constant and uncontrollable wailing and bawling of your child, perhaps it’s time you kept them occupied with one of these incredible jumpers.

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