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10 Best Steering Wheel Covers in 2017

Steering wheel covers come with a range of benefits. Firstly, they help protect the steering wheel from damage such as scratches, abrasions, cigarette burns, stains and more. Secondly, it provides a more comfortable and soft grip to the driver. Thirdly, it helps improve the grip especially if the wheel is aging or came with a not-so-reliable cover. Fourthly, people incorporate this accessory to improve the aesthetic appeal.

For instance, a lady may add a pinkish cover to give it the chic look while a man may go for manly items. With covers coming in different styles, colors, sizes, and materials, it’s never easy to find the right product first time. Bearing this in mind, we came up with this top 10 best steering wheel covers in 2017 reviews – buyer’s guide to make life easier. In addition to identifying the important features, this guide also reveals the top 10 products.

Key Features:

Key Features:

Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers in 2017 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide:

10. Rueesh, Steering Wheel Cover

Rueesh Steering Wheel Cover

  • By: Rueesh

Made from genuine leather, the Rueesh wheel cover will fit on mid-size steering wheels. Its outer diameter is between 14 1 /2 and 15 inches and offers good protection to the wheel. The anti-slip accessory not only provides firm grip but also enhances protection. And this is credited to the heavy-duty leather. It’s ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort while driving.

The Good:

  • Users love the cover for its heavy-duty nature that provides optimum protection
  • It’s fairly thick and resistant to cold, heat and wear & tear
  • Consumers claim to enjoy better handling and control

The Bad:

  • This piece is a bit small and may require more effort to fit on the steering wheel
  • It’s relatively thick compared to other alternatives
  • Another complaint is that it’s somewhat bulky

9. Dee-Type, Steering Wheel Cover

Dee-Type Leather Steering Wheel Cover

  • By: Dee-Type

The Dee-Type steering wheel covers measures 15 inches in diameter and fits on standard steering wheels. It’s made from genuine leather and comes with an easy-fit design. The unit feels soft and firm on the hands and has a smooth finish for extra beauty. And for better comfort and safety, this piece doesn’t get too hot, too cold or feel flimsy.

The Good:

  • Buyers love its smooth and sleek design that enhances its overall look
  • It feels just right on the steering wheel; not too thin or too bulky
  • Fitting takes a very short time and doesn’t need any tools

The Bad:

  • It won’t fit on very large steering wheels
  • A few individuals complain of the cover not being well padded
  • It tends to move around when fitted on smaller steering wheels

8. OxGord, Faux Leatherette Steering Wheeling Cover

OxGord® Faux Leatherette Studded Rhinestone Crystal Bling Steering Wheel Cover

  • By: OxGord

Embellished with Rhinestone crystals, this cover from OxGord can fit on medium size steering wheels. It comes in a universal diameter of 15 inches and is made from faux leather that comprises of impact resistant ABS. The Rhinestone crystals boost its beauty while the included retention rings add straight and comfort.

The Good:

  • Fitting this cover on most standard wheels is a breeze
  • The unit improves both handling and elegance on most steering wheels
  • The smooth and polished surface doesn’t get dirty easily and is also easy to wipe dirt off

The Bad:

  • The rhinestone crystals start falling off shortly after installation
  • It has too much “Bling” due to the crystals
  • Some consumers find parts of its surface a bit too smooth

7. Rueesh, Steering Wheel Cover

Rueesh Car Steering Wheel Cover

  • By: Rueesh

Improve the handling and functionality of your car’s steering wheel by fitting this Rueesh cover. It is targeted at medium-size steering wheels and comes in a universal diameter of 15 inches. The accessory is made using real leather and can fit on up to 90% of the steering wheels in the market. To give it a sporty look, it comes with wavy pattern whereas the real leather makes it resistant to wear, cold and heat.

The Good:

  • Doesn’t wear out fast and is resistant to cuts, nicks, cold and heat
  • It’s very smooth and doesn’t encourage sweating of hands even on hot days
  • It takes a few minutes to install and remains in place even in demanding conditions

The Bad:

  • The cover is heavier than some of its rivaling brands
  • The price of this cover is a bit high
  • The stitches on its outer edge make it a bit uncomfortable when new

6. Rueesh, Steering Wheel Cover

Rueesh Steering Wheel Cove

  • By: Rueesh

The Rueesh steering wheel cover should make driving more comfortable, convenient and safer. It’s crafted from quality genuine leather and is ideal for middle size steering wheels. The outer diameter is 14.5-15 inches and easily slides on the steering wheel. Being heavy-duty, it can tolerant to heat, cold and wear& tear.

The Good:

  • Its heavy-duty nature offers good protection and long life
  • Its has firm grip and absorbs shock relatively well
  • The cover is very elegant and doesn’t slip

The Bad:

  • Some sections feel a bit rough
  • The stitches can be felt and are not very comfortable
  • fitting it on large steering wheels is a struggle

5. Dee-Type, Leather Steering Wheel Cover Universal 15 inch Black & Red

Dee-Type Leather Steering Wheel Cover

  • By: Dee-Type

Measuring 15 inches in diameter, this cover by Dee-Type fits on up to 90% of the medium size steering wheels in the market. It’s made from tough leather that protects the wheel while providing a nice nonslip grip. The heat-resistant piece comes with a smooth and comfortable finish.

The Good:

  • The cover is well-made and feels quite firm on the hands
  • It doesn’t lose its appeal or functionality even after extended use
  • Wiping dirt from its smooth and shiny surface is easy

The Bad:

  • The cover is very manly and not very ideal for ladies
  • Installing it requires some effort
  • It feels somewhat hard and has very little padding

4. Vitodeco, Odorless Luxury Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Vitodeco Odorless Luxury Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

  • By: Vitodeco

The Vitodeco cover is both functional and elegant. It comes in a standard size of 14.5 inches can be used with most steering wheels. The genuine leather construction aims at providing long service and extra protection against sunburn, heat, cold and wear. To make it luxurious and classy, it features dragon scale design.

The Good:

  • The well-built leather cover doesn’t scratch easily and lasts for a long time
  • It provides good protection to the steering wheel
  • While made from leather, the unit is very soft and comfortable

The Bad:

  • Though said to be odorless, there is a mild smell given off when new
  • It’s a bit small and fitting in on some steering wheels is challenging
  • The accessory isn’t well-padded or fluffy

3. Mayco, Bell Car Steering Wheel Cover 15 inch

Mayco Bell Car Steering Wheel Cover 15 inch

  • By: Mayco Bell 

This 15-inch steering wheel cover is compatible with most car brands around including American, European, Japanese, and Asian brands. The unit comes with a smooth surface and easily slides on the steering wheel. It’s made from microfiber leather and comes in breathable design. The surface is smooth and flexible for easy fitting.

The Good:

  • The cover can withstand extreme cold and heat and doesn’t feel too cold or too hot
  • The breathable material minimizes sweating
  • It lasts for long and doesn’t lose its elegance

The Bad:

  • Not very easy to fit on some cars
  • Some users say it remains loose and this affects handling
  • The surface is very smooth

2. SEG Direct, Black and Red Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

SEG Direct Black and Red Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

  • By: SEG Direct

This black and red steering wheel cover by SEG Direct will look cool on many cars. It’s made from microfiber leather that is both strong and heat resistant. It measures approximately 14 1 /2 – 15 inches and fits nicely on the steering wheels of most cars. The material is skid-proof, smooth and eco-friendly.

The Good:

  • It’s odorless nature even when new makes it a crowd favorite
  • The material is strong and high quality
  • The neat stitches improve grip and comfort at the same time

The Bad:

  • According to some consumers, the cover doesn’t maintain a very firm grip on the wheel
  • It would have scored better if fitting was simpler

1. Everything Automobiles, Black Steering Wheel Cover Odorless

Black Steering Wheel Cover Odorless

  • By: Everything Automobiles

The Everything Automobiles cover not only protects the steering wheel but also makes it more elegant. This is credited to the quality and luxurious material. With a diameter of 14.5-15 inches, this accessory will fit on the avenge steering wheel and comes with soft padding for improved comfort and grip, as well as air freshener

The Good:

  • Soft, smooth and luxurious material
  • The anti-slip inner surface offers a stable and firm hold
  • It does a pretty good job of protecting and improving the steering wheel’s appearance

The Bad:

  • Feels a tad bulky
  • Some users say it’s somewhat slippery and moves a bit
  • A complaint about the cover starting to flake after some time has been overhead


You don’t have to keep wiping your hands because the steering wheel encourages sweating. You shouldn’t struggle with a slippery, thin, or bulky steering wheel. Also, you don’t need to feel embarrassed by the manly steering yet you desire a feminine looking accessory or vice versa. The best solution to the above issues is investing in a top-notch steering wheel cover.

It improves comfort, grip, safety, aesthetic appeal, and handling. And to stop you from spending lots of effort and time looking at each and every product on offer, we compared different items and were able to narrow down on the best. Follow the top 10 best steering wheel covers in 2017 reviews and enhance your driving experience.

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