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Best Joggers for Men 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

The evolution of fashion has led to the takeover of sweatpants by joggers. Joggers for men are one of the hottest new trends in menswear, and their primary utility is not fixed to jogging only. The pants have not only become synonymous with sneaker culture, but it’s also found its way into boutiques.

They come in a variety of fabric including denim, cotton, and leather. Moreover, ultimate comfort should be viewed as a priority when choosing what you want to wear when going for a jog to keep fit or kick start your day if you are a morning runner while still looking stylish. Before making a purchase, you should totally consider some factors to avoid any regrets;

Factors to consider when picking out joggers:

Pre-purchase Consideration
  • The price:

Ever heard of the phrase “live within your limits”? Don’t rush off to buy trendy designer joggers when you can only afford the ones at the local thrift shop. Who will know if you wear the knock off version as long as you have your trendy pants? Stick to your budget!

  • Fabric:

As earlier established, the joggers come in different fabrics. You certainly would not want to buy leather joggers if your purpose is to jog in them. Buy something that you will definitely be comfortable in depending on your intent. Light material is convenient during summer, and I would recommend something heavy during winter or depending on the time you will put them on.

  • The size:

You should buy something that perfectly suits your physique. Too buggy joggers will make you look chubby and too small will not serve the purpose of comfort. If you are looking for a sexy look, then fitting joggers should be your pick.

  • Design:

Joggers can be unisex, male or female. Be careful on the design you pick when buying joggers. DO NOT embarrass yourself by wearing female joggers when hanging out with your guys. Some people tend to judge people on their sense of style so watch out not to get misjudged.

Top 10 Best Joggers For Men in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. EU Men’s Joggers Pants, Gym Workout Pant Fitness Running 

EU Men's Joggers Pants Gym Workout Pant Fitness Running

  • By: EU 

The tapered and snug fit at the calfs of these trendy cotton joggers keep them from interfering with your footwear while eliminating any unwelcomed cold drafts up the leg. The zipper pockets on both sides allow you to listen to your music as the offer protection to your device while you exercise making the whole process comfortable. The white logo on the left pocket makes it more stylish and to die for!

  • Machine washable
  • Elastic drawstring waistband makes it adjust
  • The zipper design on the ankle is perfect to follow your legs activity
  • The pants may come embroidered compared to how they are displayed

9. Southpole, Men’s Basic Fleece Jogger Sweat Pants

Southpole Men's Basic Fleece Jogger Sweat Pant

  • By: Southpole

SouthPole men’s jogger sweatpants are 100% polyester, making them very warm and comfortable. The fabric is good quality hence the pants can be worn anywhere outdoors and also at home since it is fashionable enough. The waterproof vertical long zippered pockets look nice and offer protection to any mp3 device in the pocket against sweat when working out.

  • One can listen to music while working out since the device is protected
  • Has a ribbed waistband with drawcord
  • Stitching quality also seems superb
  • They are tight and require one to order a size or two up

8. Mission, Men’s VaporActive Atmosphere Jogger Pants

Mission Men's VaporActive Atmosphere Jogger Pants

  • By: Mission

These all-synthetic joggers rapidly evaporate and remove sweat so you can dry faster, stay cooler and go longer. They are warm enough for outside but not uncomfortable indoors. The pants extra-stretchability is perfect for intensive activities.

  • The fabric is very soft and pliable
  • They are well fitting
  • The joggers may be too tight hence uncomfortable

7. Flexz Fitness, Gym Shorts joggers

Flexz Fitness, Gym Shorts joggers

  • By: Flexz Fitness

The fabric is very soft and comfy making them great for chilling. The light weight is perfect for the gym since it prevents too much sweating. It also has generous room and stretches to allow for squatting and deadlifting and other movements requiring flexibility. The trendy joggers are multipurpose and decent enough to hang out in.

  • Made from durable material hence long lasting
  • The fleece material makes it soft and comfortable
  • Slim tapered designed shorts with ribbed waistband
  • Too baggy at the bottom and It may become very rumpled at seam after wash

6. Match, Mens Twill Jogger Pants

Match Mens Twill Jogger Pants

  • By: Match

The elasticized cuffs of these chino pants allow the joggers to sit at the waist comfortably. The material used for the pounds is pretty legit and you can wear them to work and are definitely suitable for casual or lounge attire. The material has elastic closure allowing room for flexibility. The joggers are styled with cargo pockets and a regular fit with tapered legs.

  • Can be used to keep warm
  • Will surely stand up to heavy use and washing
  • The stiff khakis are constricting while making long strides

5. Italy Morn, Men Chino Cargo Jogger Pants

Italy Morn Men Chino Cargo Jogger Pants

  • By: Italy Morn

The multipurpose Chino Cargo Joggers are stylish with two bellows pockets with high-quality zippers, offering protection for items carried. The pants have been shrunk before leaving the factory meaning you will not have to worry about them shrinking when you wash them. How cool is that! They are available in a variety of colors with Very Slim fit leg opening with zipper making them more convenient to wear and take off with little effort.

  • Reliable pocket space
  • High fashion quality
  • High-quality twill fabric
  • The joggers might be too tight requiring one to order a larger size, and some stitching comes off

4. Pishon, Men’s Jogger Pants

Pishon Men's Jogger Pants

  • By: Pishon

If you are looking for a flashy trendy look then these Casual pants featuring letter, star and stripe patterns are made for you! They provide for a casual or sportswear plus they are lightweight thus giving the correct level of comfort. The price of these comfortable lounge pants is a positive aspect, and you should treat yourself to a pair while stocks last.

The drawstring closure is actually nice allowing the pants to fit perfectly. These Pishon Men’s Jogger Pants are actually made of a thin and silky material hence highly recommendable for jogging since they will not weigh you down and will dry up really fast when you sweat.

  • They are super comfortable and made of a great quality material
  • Has a really cool design
  • The joggers may be tight at the bottom so you should definitely order a size larger

3. Champion, Men’s Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant

Champion Men's Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant

  • By: Champion

These amazing joggers are tapered slightly towards the ankle which makes them very warm and comfortable, great for lounging or any activity in a cold environment. The cuffed bottoms maintain the position at the ankles and the perfect pockets keep devices in pockets during intense activities. The best part is that the high-quality material can survive a number of washes without changing in size.

  • They are of great weight, not too heavy but thick enough to provide warmth when it gets cold
  • Does not fade during a wash
  • Very slim at the legs and may have issues with fitting

2. SoEnvy, Men’s Casual Harem Training Jogger Sports Short Baggy Pants

SoEnvy Men's Casual Harem Training Jogger Sport Short Baggy Pants

  • By: SoEnvy

The material is light so it’s preferable for those warm summer months and for gym since it will dry fast. Fashionably suited for a variety of uses, its elastic closure and adjustable fabric drawcord make it a tad appealing due to increased comfort.

  • It’s pretty true to sizing
  • Material is really nice and soft
  • The joggers can be used if you are aiming for a shrugged look
  • The inseam stitching is not well done

1. Southpole, Men’s Marled Fleece Jogger Pant

Southpole Men's Marled Fleece Jogger Pant

  • By: Southpole

These awesome SouthPole men’s marled fleece jogger pants top our list today in the top ten best joggers for men. They are very trendy, comfortable and warm. You can choose to go for a run in them or stay indoors chilling. The ankles are snug, and the waist flared just enough if you get to pick out your perfect size. The drawstrings come in handy in case you get to experience any body changes and perfect zipped pockets that will definitely help you out.

  • They arrive with zero tears in perfect condition
  • Very warm and comfortable for winter season
  • The joggers have a chemical smell due to the polyester material, and it washes off after a while


This list provides you with a shortcut to the best joggers you could probably gift someone or yourself with. It’s a bit confusing for anyone to get the best products in a market full of options. Fortunately, with this list, you don’t have to raise a finger; all you have to do is garb one of these products and be on your way to comfortable exercising or workout sessions.

Buyer’s guide:

SouthPole Marled Men’s joggers are simply the best ones on the market. From the renowned SouthPole Company, they are designed with care with every cut and stitch carefully placed to create a perfect masterpiece. Whether you want to go jogging or simply want to stay indoors, their attractive design makes them ideal for both. Simply grab one today!

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