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Top 10 Best Camera Dollys in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

If you want the best experience while shooting videos or using a camera, you need to invest in the best camera dolly. Failure to which may lead to poor shots, a bad experience, or you using too much effort when trying to capture the best shot. While it may seem like a very basic accessory, the dolly will improve the experience. It allows you to easily adjust the angle, conveniently move the camera upwards, downwards or sideways, and also provide extra support and stability.

Due to this, you spend minimal effort and time but still achieve the best results. Although it’s easy to find a camera dolly, not every product will suit your needs. Some items may be a bit too light or very bulky; others may feel bumpy or move with a bit or resistance, while some may not be suitable for your particular type of camera. These are among the reasons that led us to investigate the top 10 best camera dollys in 2017. Read on to find out which they are and how we came up with the conclusion.

How We Unearthed the Best Camera Dollies

How We Unearthed the Best Camera Dollies

The following issues played a key role in selecting the top 10 best camera dollies in 2017:

  • Construction:

a good camera dolly is made of strong materials such as steel, aluminum, and heavy-duty plastic.

  • Stability:

It remains stable even while moving on rough surfaces. This is achieved by using good mounts, non-skid and shock absorbent rubber wheels.

  • Mounting Ease:

Fitting a camcorder, movie, video or digital camera is easy and takes little time possible. It will also remain firm and won’t shake.

  • Seamless Movement:

The best camera dolly provides flawless and smooth movement whether vertically or horizontally. This is assured through the use of reliable ball bearing, smooth and well-aligned rails, and friction-free design.

  • Weight:

The weight of the dolly shouldn’t be too heavy as this affects reliability, performance, and movement. Aluminum is among the popular materials of construction and is liked because it’s strong but still light.

  • Size:

The featured dollys come in the right size to accommodate the camera at hand. And to make them even more effective, top products come with adjustable length that can accommodate both small and large cameras.

Top 10 Best Camera Dollys in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. Ulanzi, Pocket Small Slider, Ulanzi MICRO 1 One 20cm

Ulanzi MICRO 1 One 20cm

  • By: Ulanzi

The Ulanzi Pocket Slider is suitable for small cameras from Sony, Canon, Nikon and many others. It comes in a portable design for easy movement and is also very light weighing approximately 1.5 pounds. The unit measures 9.2 by 4.1 by 1.9 inches and has a sliding range of up to 34 centimeters. It will work with most tripods and is also very easy to mount.

The Good:

  • It’s very easy to mount on different tripods and feels solid
  • When mounted properly, it moves seamlessly and without any drag
  • The material of construction resists rust or corrosion and can last for a long time

The Bad:

  • This pocket slider isn’t fit for heavy cameras such as Nikon D800
  • It tends to flex a bit on the two sides especially with heavy cameras
  • It doesn’t come with legs option and is designed for single mounting only

9. Neewer, Photography Professional Tripod Dolly

Neewer Photography Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly

  • By: Neewer

Operating DSLR camcorders and cameras is more convenient with this tripod dolly by Newer. It’s designed for users looking for professional results and convenience and works with most brands including Nikon, Canon, and Sony. The accessory features a heavy duty tripod dolly, adjustable leg mounts, and rubber wheels. Ultra smooth sliding is provided by the rubber wheels featuring all-metal ball bearing casters whereas the one-step lock safely locks the wheels.

The Good:

  • The tripod dolly is well-made and can support even the heaviest camera camcorders
  • It provides smooth and seamless operation
  • The sturdy rubber wheels minimize any movement and remain firm once locked

The Bad:

  • The locking mechanism is made of plastic and not metal
  • Some users say it takes time to get used to the locking mechanism
  • The wheels aren’t very suitable for very rough terrains

8. Neewer, 47-inch Track Dolly Slider

Neewer 47"/120cm DSLR Camera

  • By: Neewer

Taking the best shots with your DSLR camera or coming up with the best videos is more certain with this track dolly slider. Measuring 47 inches/ 120 centimeters, the Neewer dolly slider can accommodate most cameras and camcorders in the market. It comes with a sturdy trail system that supports up to 5 kg/ 176 oz. the heavy-duty unit offers smooth movement without shaking while the rubber wheels minimize vibration and absorb the shock.

The Good:

  • Varying the angle or moving a camera horizontally or vertically is easy
  • The dolly slide doesn’t vibrate or shake even when moving on rough surfaces
  • Adjusting the height is easy and simple

The Bad:

  • The inserts that slide over the metal are made of plastic and wear out faster than metal
  • It makes a bit of noise during operation
  • The length could be a bit longer to minimize frequent movement

7. IMORDEN, 48″/120cm Middle Video Camera Slider Rail Dolly

IMORDEN 48"/120cm Middle Video Camera Slider


The IMORDEN slider rail dolly measures 4 inches/ 120 cm long and is designed for use with video cameras, movie camera, digital camera and related accessories. It’s made from aluminum and can support weights of up to 15 pounds. The accessory relies on 4 roller bearings that are placed on the top plate that supports the camera. Also included are two chrome coated shafts, 1 /4 –inch and 3 /8 –inch mounting screws. To provide a firm and shake-free support, the dolly comes with non-skid rubber legs.

The Good:

  • Adjusting the angle or position of the camera is easy and effortless.
  • The dolly is well constructed and resists wear& tear, corrosion, rust and doesn’t fade.
  • It slides pretty well on its own legs without any vibration or shaking

The Bad:

  • The slide may at times be a bit unbalanced and may need readjustment
  • The dolly is fairly heavy compared to other options out there
  • Although effective, the rubber legs are somewhat small especially on very bumpy surface

6. KAMERAR, SD-1 Mark II Slider Dolly Track



The Kamerar SD-1 Mark II slider dolly track measures 23 inches in length and can support a range of video, movie and digital cameras. It’s made from solid and strong metal and also includes four nylon rollers. The unit relies on 1 /4 and 3 /8 –inch screw adapters for mounting the camera whereas the 4 removable legs provide the needed stability and support. Also found on the unit is a stop break and sliding plate.

The Good:

  • The slider dolly track comes in a decent size and weight
  • It is very stable even when moving of rough patches
  • It moves seamlessly without hitches

The Bad:

  • The rollers have a bit of play although they can be adjusted using an Allen key
  • Some consumers would have preferred the sled brake knob to be made from aluminum or metal instead of plastic.
  • It’s not cut for heavy-duty work

5. HiboX Large Flex Dolly Digital DSLR Skater Camera Dolly

X Large Flex Dolly Digital DSLR Skater Camera Dolly

  • By: Hibo

Individuals searching for a large camera dolly should consider this type from Hibo. It can support handheld HD camcorders, professional video cameras, video-ready DSLR and more. It is made from aluminum and stainless steel and measures about 13.8 inches in length. The unit’s wheel diameter is approximately 6cm while the load capacity is capped at 20 pounds.

The Good:

  • The large table top offers good supports even for large cameras
  • Setting up and using the device is easy and simple
  • Other than being light, the unit is light enough to carry with ease

The Bad:

  • It’s fairly bulky and can occupy quite some space
  • The dolly is not very ideal for rough terrains

4. Neewer, 39″/1m Carbon Fiber Camera Track Dolly

Neewer® 39"/1m Carbon Fiber Camera Track Dolly

  • By: Neewer

Designed to support weights of up to 8kg/ 17.5 lbs, the Neewer track dolly is perfect for small, medium and large cameras. It features a slider rail system that allows for vertical and horizontal movement, high-grade carbon fiber tubes for minimizing friction, and U-shaped ball bearings for seamless movement and longevity. The universal plate comes with 1 /4 inch threaded mounting holes and a slider plate locking knob.

The Good:

  • Slides smoothly even when large cameras are mounted
  • The camera dolly is strong and resistant to breakage or wear & tear
  • It’s suitable for both light and heavy-duty work

The Bad:

  • The threaded holes at each end are a bit deep
  • The length of the slider is a bit limiting

3. NEEWER, Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly

NEEWER Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly

  • By: NEEWER

This slider dolly from Neewer features a solid table top for mounting video-ready DSLR, a professional video camera as well as handheld HD camcorder. It’s made using solid and rust-resistant aluminum alloy. The wheels are made of plastic and covered with anti-skid rubber. The length of the body is about 15 cm; the distance between wheels is 9.5 cm, while the height from ground to the platform is 4.3 cm. The entire piece weighs 550 grams and can support loads of up to 10kg.

The Good:

  • Using the slider dolly in not hard even for firestone users
  • It’s very light and strong at the same time
  • Mounting a camera on the platform takes minimal effort and time

The Bad:

  • The dolly isn’t very appealing and feels too basic
  • Cases of the wheels wobbling a bit on rough ground have been heard

2. Dolica, LT-D100 Professional Lightweight and Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly 

Dolica LT-D100 Professional Lightweight and Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly

  • By: Dolica

If you are searching for a professional camera dolly, then the Dolica LT-D100 should appeal to you. It’s made out of lightweight aluminum alloy while the wheels from plastic and rubber. The width of the doorway is 87cm/ 31 inches, the height when folded is 54 cm/ 21.3 inches, and the wheel diameter is 76mm. The dolly weighs about 4.5 lbs and comes with adjustable height and clamps. The single leg section enhances stability whereas the locking pull pins can either open or fold the dolly. Other features include; dolly handle, black nylon case, and fast action brakes operated by foot.

The Good:

  • Although lightweight, the dolly feels very solid and stable
  • Adjusting the height of tripod and the clamps is simple
  • The wheels easily lock with the foot operated brake and remain firm throughout

The Bad:

  • Turning the connectors on the legs is not very easy
  • Not very suitable for very heavy cameras

1. Ravelli, ATD Professional Tripod Dolly for Camera Photo Video

Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly

  • By: Ravelli

The Ravelli ATD tripod dolly is targeted at professionals who want nothing but the best. It comes in heavy-duty construction to suit even the heaviest cameras. The unit moves easily and smoothly courtesy of the rubber wheels that contain casters with all metal ball bearings. It also comes with fully adjustable leg locks and can be folded down when not in use.

The Good:

  • The brakes work great even on sloppy surfaces
  • Easily folds into a small and more portable size
  • Wheels move easily and smoothly on different surfaces (grass, carpet, and ceramic, wood, concrete…)
  • The strong and handy bag makes carrying easy

The Bad:

  • The wheels, unfortunately, aren’t removable
  • Securing the tripod using the clamps a bit of a challenge initially


Any serious photographer, videographer or cameraman knows the value of a good dolly. It helps you to take the best shots with ease; it keeps the camera stable even on very rough surfaces, and also minimizes vibrations that may interfere with the final piece. To help you in making a well-informed decision, we compared a number of dollys in the market. Our review centered on stability, quality of construction, mounting ease, reliability, durability, and versatility.

We finally identified the top 10 camera dollys that are worth the time, effort and money. Other than making it easy to buy a good product, this list also doubles as a buying guide. After reading the top 10 best camera dollys in 2017 reviews – buyer’s guide, what are your thoughts about this essential equipment? Have you ever used any or would you mind telling us which item deserves the top spot? Kindly share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Buyer’s Guide:

From my experienced, i recommend you to #1Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly

  • Affordable price
  • High quality
  • All Metal Ball Bearing Casters with Rubber Wheels for Ultra Smooth Roll
  • Universal Fully Adjustable Leg Locks
  • Easy Folding Design with Carrying Handle
  • Heavy Duty Construction for Professional Tripods

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