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10 Best Apple Watch Chargers in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Many people value their Apple Watches. Maybe you own Apple 1 or Apple 2, Sport or Editon. Whichever it is, one sure thing is you would love to keep it for as long as possible and also enjoy its amazing functions. However, like any other electronic gadget, it is bound to lose charge and may soon go off. To make things worse, it may happen without your knowledge. Rather than using bulky and unreliable charging devices or placing it anywhere, you can turn to dependable chargers that are specifically designed for this device.

They will come in practical design to support the watches, feature a firm base to prevent the watch from falling, and will also be well constructed for longevity. Additionally, the best accessory will charge the device fast, can be used in secret thus saving space, is easy to carry around and can also support other related devices such as iPhone or iPads. In this review, we will look at the top 10 best apple watch chargers in 2017.

Top 10 Best Apple Watch Chargers in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. Usee Apple Charging Dock

Apple Charging Dock Apple iPhone Watch Stand

  • By: Usee

This Apple charging dock comes with 4 USB ports and can charge different accessories at the same time. It delivers a maximum of 6 Amps and relies on Intelligent current distribution to determine the optimal current (amps) required by a device. The charging cord can be hidden to minimize clutter and comes with a firm nonslip base that won’t be knocked over easily. In addition to Apple Watches, this charger also works with Apple products including iPhone.


  • Compatible with Apple watch, iPhone, and other mobile devices
  • Charges pretty fast even when all the four ports are used
  • It’s beautifully-crafted and looks good on any desk
  • Traveling with this unit is easy thanks to the compact size


  • It doesn’t come with an Apple watch cable
  • The color choices are very limited

9. Apple Watch 1M Charging Cable

Apple Watch 1M Magnetic Charging Cable

  • By: Apple

This device makes charging apple watches not only easy but also convenient. When placed near the unit, the Apple watch will be attracted to it by the built-in magnetic and the charging will begin. The device is compatible with both Apple watch series 1 and 2. It combines inductive charging and MagSafe technology that ensure the watch is optimally and safely charged.


  • Very user-friendly and starts charging instantly
  • It takes as a little as 30 minutes for the watch to be fully charged
  • The strong magnets securely hold the watch in place


  • The charging cables isn’t very long and this may limit its use
  • It doesn’t come with a wall adapter
  • Only suitable for Apple Watches series 1 and 2

8. Simpeak 4-port Charging Dock Station

Simpeak 4-port USB Charging Dock Station

  • By: Simpeak

The Simpeak charging dock station comes with 4 USB ports and will charge several devices simultaneously. It delivers up to 6 amperes but the built-in smart chips will determine the best amperage/current for the device. It relies on Intelligent Chip Technology that detects and monitors to ensure it charges as designed. And for added convenience, the hollow points can accommodate the watch’s devices including card readers, charging cable, and cards.


  • holds the watch firmly and this reduces the chances of loose connection or falling
  • The gadget is very small and can easily fit in small spaces
  • Other than Apple watch, it also works with other devices like headset, and phone


  • It doesn’t come with a charging cable
  • The USB slots are not well built into the device and may fall out
  • The material of construction is not very sturdy and may break when dropped too often

7. ZVE Universal Cell Phone Stand

Universal Cell Phone Stand, ZVEIphone Stand Desktop Tablet Stand

  • By: ZVE

Made from solid aluminum, this universal cell phone stand by ZVE is suitable for Apple watches and phones as well. It comes in a 2-in-1 design that enables two charges to be held and charged concurrently. It very light, weighing about 250 grams and this makes it very portable. To reduce the chances of it falling down or toppling over with the watch or phone, it features a firm nonslip base. Besides Apple products (iwatch, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini), it is also compatible with Sony, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google Nexus and other smartphone types.


  • Due to its sturdy construction, this unit should last for a long time
  • It can accommodate phones with protective cases
  • The padding helps prevent damage to the watch or phone
  • It has a good design that ensures the cable are not too crimped or all over the place


  • The stand is a bit light and can easily tip over when knocked slightly
  • It is only available in one color

6. Poweradd Apple Watcher Charger

[ Apple MFi Certified ] Apple Watch Charger

  • By: Poweradd

The Poweradd charger is MFI Certified to work with iwatches 38 and 42mm. It is based on magnetic charging that requires the watch to be placed near and the built-in magnet attracts the watch. The charging dock includes a 1m/ 3.3 ft long cable for added flexibility, maneuverability and compatibility.


  • The Poweradd Apple Watch charger is very light and portable
  • It’s well built to withstand regular use, high temperatures and comes with good shock absorption characteristics
  • The charger works perfectly and is also fast


  • Although reliable, it feels and looks cheap
  • It changes to nightstand mode when tilted at 45-degree angle
  • It doesn’t charge several devices all at the same time

5. iDrawl Apple Watch Stand

Apple Watch Stand, iPhone Docking Station

  • By: iDrawl

Charge your Apple Watch the stress-free way using the iDrawl stand. It’s made from soft TPU polymer and comes with a non-slip base. The iPhone docking station comes in a light design for easy carrying and is also ergonomically-designed. In addition to charging Apple Watch sport and Apple Watch Editon (1 & 2), the gadget also works on iPhone 5/ 5s/5c, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The designated slots allow the watch or phone to charge safely while you sleep or are briefly away.


  • Well-built to resist breakage but still very light and compact
  • It’s small enough to fit in small spaces and can be carried in a briefcase, suitcase or an airplane carry-on.
  • Works well and also protects the phone from falling


  • Watch charging cable isn’t included in the kit
  • The unit is fairly bulky and may occupy substantial space on your desk
  • According to some people, the design isn’t that appealing

4. phonewatch Apple Watch Stand Silver

phonewatch Apple Watch Stand Silver

  • By: phonewatch

This Apple watch stand by Phone watch is targeted at owners of Apple watches 38mm and 42mm. It’s made of super light aluminum and comes in a simple design for accommodating the iwatch. The gadget features a soft pad at the bottom to minimize scratching or damaging the surface. The high-friction pad also maintains a firm grip on the surface to reduce chances of it moving and dropping the watch in the process. With a viewable angle of 45 degrees, the charging status is easy to see from varied angles.


  • The aluminum stands although light feels very solid
  • No assembly required. Simply plug into the power outlet and attach the watch.
  • The cord can be used discreetly with ease
  • It’s very stylish and doesn’t take too much space on the desk or table


  • The cord is rather short and may come out when tugged a bit
  • It’s not the lightest device on our list
  • The charging cable is not included

3. Orzly Compact Apple Watch Stand

Orzly Compact Stand for Apple Watch

  • By: Orzly

The Orzly compact stand is designed for use with different models of the Apple Watch. It is compatible with Basic, Sport, and Editon versions. The stand is made of strong TPU plastic and comes with a firm nonslip base. It features integrated cable management slot that allows for easy fitting and maneuvering of charging cables, charger, and the watch also.


  • The stand and charging dock is available in variety of colors
  • It comes in a simple yet stylish design
  • The stand is well constructed and should last for a long time if handled properly


  • The unit is somewhat bulky may take up some substantial space especially on a small desk or in a small carrying bag or briefcase
  • Trying to fit the USB cable through the opening can be a challenge due to the small space
  • A charging cable isn’t provided

2. Simpeak 4 Port USB Charger Station for Apple Watch[Nightstand Mode]

Simpeak 4 Port USB Charger Station for Apple Watch

  • By: Simpeak

Bid farewell to the long and crimped charging cables. With the Simpeak apple watch charging stand, you can now conveniently charge your Apple watch. It features 4 USB ports for charging up to 4 devices simultaneously and a firm base for making sure the devices don’t fall or become lose. The well-designed unit will accommodate several cables while still ensuring it occupies the minimal space possible. In fact, you can carry on with your charging discreetly.


  • The stand is very handy and quite compact
  • It’s easy to use and requires no assembly
  • The stand can accommodate the different types of Apple watches


  • This stand is not very light when compared to other alternatives
  • The cables are very long and restrict use
  • The tabs on the USB slots are not tight enough and can fall out

1. Oittm Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand

Oittm Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand

  • By: Oittm

The Oittm charging stand is perfect for charging Apple watches and features 2 charging stands. It’s made of premium aluminum known for its lightness, strength, good looks and resistance to corrosion or rust. The stand comes with 4 USB ports, a replaceable 3-in-1 bracket power charger, and a phone holder. One USB is found on the inside and is designated for apple watches, while the three outer ones can be used to charge other devices that come with USB 2.0 or 3.0. It is compatible with both Apple watch 1 and 2 as well as iPhone SE, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, Nike watch, iPad Pro, Samsung S7/Edge and much more. It uses Smart IQ Charging Technology to determine the best charging current for a device.


  • Comes in a good size for placing on a desk, table and also carrying in a suitcase, briefcase or carry-on.
  • It charges pretty fast and a device will be full within an hour. This applies even if all ports are in use.
  • The dock adapters are interchangeable and this boosts flexibility
  • It comes in a sleek and trendy look and finish


  • The power cable is not very long
  • The charging dock adapter isn’t very effective in keeping the cable still and can easily become loose

Final Word:

Listed above are the top 10 best apple watch chargers in 2017. When analyzing the different devices, lots of emphases was placed on the stability of the stand, design, compatibility with other related devices like phones, and user-friendliness. It was also important to look at the material of construction, type of support, base, and speed of charging. These devices scored highly in nearly all fields and that’s why they stood out. Truth is that finding the best-of-the-best was a big challenge.

However, Oittm Apple Watch charging stand outdid the rest with a very small margin. We liked its design that makes charging the devices very easy; it came with a very firm base and it was unlikely for it to topple over. The stand also performed well in regard to quick charging, design & style, and also durability. In addition to safely, conveniently and effectively charging apple watches and related devices, using these chargers is guaranteed to give you peace-of-mind.

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